Monday, March 05, 2012

Total March Randoms

I have work to do to hold up this new years resolution.  Posted 6 times last March (the biggest month for 2011). So watching "The Women Tell All" is the best time to update some girly stuff.

Hard to believe it is March when the weather man is still calling for snow. But nothing helps the screaming-pain of ANOTHER indoor training ride like watching another round of Legally Blonde.  And my last 25' interval was a hit yesterday with one of the best scenes ever in the "Sex and the City Movie". Brings back memories, in fact I think I may have owned that teal/green dress!  Their energy was contagious and the power in my pedal stroke reflected it.

One week until we leave for Costa Rica and Dr Web MD has now diagnosed me with being "allergic" to the sun.  Yep, explains the complete itching episode after Colorado (swimming outside) and then it happened again after a quick trip to the fake-n-bake.  Yep, Humira is linked to sun-sensitivity and I have it.  SPF 100+ forever.  But I have a colon....the pros outway the cons.  Oh, and Dr Web MD has diagnosed me as a hypochondriac too......seriously when will it stop?!

Besides our upcoming trip I couldn't be more excited to read Chrissie Wellingtons new book.  It is downloaded and hollering my name.  Can't thank the TNM team enough (again!) for the sweetest gift of an ipad.  It  has provided company during some of the quietest times, brought a smile to my face so very often, and every time it is opened I am reminded of the of the amazing support by my side.

Dream big! Lots more to come this month! 


Steve said...

well quite a few people have been reading that book, and I guess I admit, I may check it out eventually. I think because I heard there were struggles in her life, and her life is more than triathlon and stuff. We'll see.

Good luck with everything.

Kim said...

i love that scene in SATC - although i find it hard to believe that miranda could ever wear carries clothes :)

ugh that stinks you are allergic to the sun - i am allergic to the cold and get hives :(

anyway, it's my birthday month and it's going to be 65 on thursday. yay march!

JC said...

You are always SO inspiring! Looking forward to getting my hands on that book too:)

elizabeth said...

You're too funny! Trying out different birth control pills made me sensitive to the sun this summer. My doc said it's an unfortunate, rare side effect and I'm crossing my fingers it goes away soon.
YAY for you posting more & have a blast in Costa Rica!!! WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN :)

LaVonne said...

Yes, you have a colon - yeah! Dr Web MD diagnosed me with fibromylagia. Not that I should joke about having a horrible illness, but sometimes my imagination is a little...overactive.

SPF100 will save you from getting skin cancer, look at it that way!

Have a great trip and good luck!!!