Saturday, March 31, 2012


This is no April Fools joke, as much as I wish it were.

It was coming DOWN today.

My most favorite part of belonging to a team and training with friends is creating memories, doing things you may avoid at times (my bed was pretty toasty this morning), and experiencing new places.

Cougar Mountain is not "new" to me, but we definitely don't get out there as often as we would like. We had a big group of us run together today and we were laughing about as much as we were running. The snow, the slush, the dirt....but it was all in the beautiful trails of Washington.

Cheers to creating memories that we will laugh about forever on the last day of March in 2012!


Steve said...

I love running with people, unfortunately my group thingy has been consisting of things that make me get injured. I shortened my stuff (no marathon training) to run free, and more often. If less fast makes me run healthier I am for it.

I did the math anyway and didn't foresee any wins in my future. :)

Luv ya TN :)


JC said...

Great pics Lady! Omg - don't send the snow here - it was a chilly one though!

Kiet said...

Well, the good news is that you are staying true to blogging more, the bad news, I can't keep up. Running in the snow seems fun...once...but not every day.

Matt said...

we got a little bit on Wednesday..crazy that you guys are getting some though..ran t C Mtn once, pretty sweet place

Jamie said...

Ha! Just a "little" contrast between this post and the Costa Rica race report!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I love trail running! How pretty the dusting of snow looks.