Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pizza Blow Up

We may have been the worst luck house guests of the century last night. But good thing our friends Natalie and Shawn are the coolest people around that they put up with us.

I finally worked again! Taught swim conditioning class in the morning and had a blast doing so. It is amazing how you forget how much you love doing something until you don't do it for awhile. Then it was off to run with the tri group around greenlake. Once again an adventure. We ran in the bike path, dodged cars, stomped on puddles and snow embankments, and only had one near fall via Karissa. Which happened, not because of the conditions, but because my mouth was running and she was trying to listen, good thing she does pilates twice weekly as she recovered from a near face plant like a gymnast on a regaining control on a balance beam.

Then we were invited to the Swistak's home for her famous pizza.

Arriving 15 minutes late, Shawn was already out the door upon realizing that they would need more pizza sauce to cater to his famished guests. So two pizzas it was going to be cooking.

(Mark added the seasonings to the side to demonstrate the ginourmousness of this pie- I claim the size is due to the massive amounts of veggies, however, he claims it is cheese...he is probably right)

Shawn ran around down town for nearly an hour as there was no pizza sauce left anywhere. Or it was his ploy to not have to listen to us chatter about triathlon for an hour of the night. As Natalie was more graciously concerned about making us some fab drinks in the dining room we suddenly heard a big bang from the kitchen. We all looked at each other with a "what happened" type stare and continued on with the liquid concoctions. A few seconds later we all reconsidered what the sound was at the same time:

Mark thought it was a sound he is all too familiar with-the sound of a champagne cork opening.

I thought it sounded like when the oven is preheating and you hear a bang because the broiler pan was left in the oven, of course, with the crusts form pizza rolls still on it. (Tell me someone else experiences that:))

Natalie some how avoided thinking it was anything, until we all walked over there and saw this:

Shattered glass in the oven. It was quite funny that Natalie thought it was her fault because she was pre-heating the oven at 425! Sorry Nat, even the cooker I am knows that you can heat those suckers up as much as you want...the glass should not break.

We proceeded downstairs to use the community oven and baked away.
Then the night went on and we all could not get enough attention from her beautiful cat Natasha (18 years old). If I didn't already have two I would have kid napped her in my back pocket, she has to weigh no more than 5 lbs.

(Natasha and her God mother Teresa)

(Mark believing he is the most loved by Natasha-sucka!)

(Natasha has had enough- pizza, attention, and crazy people)

As usual we extended our stay past midnight...we have a running problem with that...maybe we will make that a news year resolution. But Natalie and Shawn we had a great time with you guys....looking forward to more pizza, more natasha, more laughs and more ovens!


Anonymous said...

quote of the night from the Swistak house

Natalie: "Let me know when your ready for dessert"

4 bailey's later we were done with "dessert"...

Shawn and Tracy said...

I soooo want a pizza right now...Sorry to Nat about the brand new oven. That just plain sucks. Hopefully they will get a new one for free as there was an obvious defect.
C U soon,