Monday, April 19, 2010

Bachelorette Weekend

(The most amazing girls inside and out EVER)

Call me crazy but my bachelorette weekend was filled with endless training, eating healthy (because chocolate is not considered a food but a drug), bed times at 10:30 and wake up calls at 7 (well most were earlier, but I am a sleeper!). But in between all this training FUN were ab workouts created through laughter, emotional highs and lows, snickers bars, and memories to last a lifetime.

Friday a handful of us were off early to Wenatchee to kick off the training (or more like our tan lines). Laura opened up her in-laws house (which is not in the middle of a field in Cashmere) for the weekend blast or as Natalie termed it the "PHAT farm". We quickly dropped off our goods and were off to a super fast/flat'ish course. 80 miles and 3:50 hours later we were quickly reminded that we do not need boys (although they were missed) to include a few smash fest, ride until your legs cant move or you puke moments. These girls were fast and furious and on a mission. Ironically we popped out two flat tires in the last 5 miles, with a little pat on my back for having them switched out in less than 5 min (did I mention girls rule!).

(T, Laura, Heather, Johnna at the only mini mart that was owned by Beth's grandpa!)

Next up an ice bath in the river, where our feet soaked in the mud like quick sand and we took advantage of the laughter associated with it. Until later I had a leech sucking at my foot....YUCK!!!

(Laura, Nat, Johnna, T, Heather)

Made a quick stop and Papa Murphy's to settle our low calorie giggly minds. We soon realized that 3 chicken breasts for the following nights dinner would just not be nearly enough for these athletic girls (Nat- you crack us up). As more and more girls continued to arrive with each holding a Costco size box of snickers and bananas for good health, we realized we could be at this weekend FOREVER!

Followed the night up with 2 ginormous blocks of chocoloate and some good laughs playing games. Watching Laura try to get us to figure out the word "sperm whale" had us thinking she was saying her first bad word or choking on chocolate. Which reminds me, does anyone know what a burrito rat is?

Next morning you can only picture getting 10 girls ready for an all day bike ride....but the amazing oatmeal Laura made kept us all in check. We set off for another LONG day in the saddle, but quickly noticed (through two more immediate flats) that I had busted the side wall of the front tire with the flat from the previous day. I-phone maniacs were able to call all bike shops and we made it to the ONE that was open, waiting 20 min for it to open we vowed that if it came down to it we would buy or rent this bike for the day to get in a ride (after all it does have a 650 front wheel):

Bought the LAST 650 tire. Couple hours behind schedule and we were finally off with the veil in tow (until I got another flat at mile 14 GRRR!!).

(thanks Bridget for the veil surprise...your the best maid of honor ever!)

A super challenging ride to go that left some of us turning back (ie:me), others in contemplating life and basically a ride making each and every girl stronger in some way and later appreciating the days adventures. (Stay posted in the next few weeks for a post titled REDEMPTION).

The night was then filled with amazing fajitas, home made guacamole and a 7 lb cake that was down 6.5 lbs by the time we were done with it. And a little Sangria that didn't hurt us, it was the fruit....and as H*mentioned the drink was like a "reset" button....changed the challenging day around in a heart beat.

The girls picked out some amazing girly lingerie. Someone mentioned I love hanky panky underpants in an email round. Beth thought they were circulating that I loved the real deal "hanky panky". We learned a little about Canadian strip clubs and how they stir your drinks, about the tired paw and a new word (otherwise now known as our new passcode) "sorney", which I am sure Rebecca (miss mediocre athlete) will post on soon, wait, then again she mentioned that the grandparents do read her blog :)

We finished the night with a couple matchy-matchy lululemon headbands, that similar to shoes, you just can't have enough of them.

The next morning was beauty rest before our long run....on a beautifully gorgeous back country road (and once again focusing on the tan lines).

(Heather, Lisa, Nat)

We finished up with lunch that resulted in enough food for us to go on two more long runs. Bridget's husband convinced her that three loafs of bread and about 8 lbs of meat and cheese would keep us full!

This trip has started a tradition (I believe). It was a weekend of girls being girls, and girls being amazingly tough athletes at the same time. I am so blessed to have these fabulous girls in my life, that would go the extra mile (or gazillion miles by car, bike, foot and all) to make this weekend special. I am the luckiest bride ever (in more ways that one). We still have a century ride to master and aplets and cotlets to be had and many more memories to be made!


Michelle Simmons said...

Wow that sounds really fun! Glad you had a great weekend with the girls. And you're right- we don't need no stinkin' boys to ride faaast. ;)

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

Oh my gosh it looks like you and your girls had a fabulous time!!! YIPPEE for great friends and training partners :).

Christi said...

That sounds like a great weekend! You have some great friends!

Johnna said...

You deserved every fabulous moment of that fabulous weekend. Can't wait for part 2! Game on!

beth said...

Teresa - I wish we could do this every month! Oh - and aplets and cotlets are HORRIBLE!

Kim said...

so much fun! looks like you and the girls had an absolute blast!

Runner Leana said...

Wow, sounds like an amazing weekend! Talk about a bachelorette party with style. Love it. It sounds like you have some terrific girlfriends!

Charisa said...

Sooooo awesome - your girlfriends sound like the best ever. Glad you girls had a blast!

Jill Costantino said...

That sounds like such a great weekend with your girlfriends. You sure do have some fantastic girlies in your life!

SSB said...

What a fun weekend.

Rebecca Kelley said...

Haha, I'm contemplating posting about being "soreny" without embarrassing myself and Jason. I had a lot of fun that weekend -- tons of laughing and a good workout. :D

beth said...

wow. just catching up on your blog. MOST FUN BACHELORETTE PARTY EVER! every word i wished i was there and i don't even know you!!!