Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trampoline Dodgeball

(the jumpers and the master b-day man in front)

Our GREAT friend and training buddy, Brent, hosted a birthday bash like none other. He had dreamed of the day to rent out the trampoline gym and when his birthday rolled around he made it happen.

(Mark and Tracy)
Prior to the bash we had a 3+ hour ride. I have NEVER seen Brent ride so fast and so "giddy" as he did on this day. He could not wait to get to "his" party. The handful of us on the ride chose to go home and shower and get something to eat, Brent opted to head straight to the trampoline.

2 hours of trampoline dodgeball you would think would be enough for this 20-something year old. But when the 3 minute warning came these athletes were scrambling to figure out "what more" they could do. Another game of dodgeball, some synchronized back flips, and a photo op, oh...and a happy birthday song were all crammed into the final minutes.

(Birthday Brent and his girl Jess)

The video does zero justice to the laughs, the smack talk, and the ball handling skills had by all.

A blast it was....and a few sore muscles!

Happy Birthday Brent!


SSB said...

I used to play all the time when I lived in Las Vegas. It was so much fun, and a lot harder than it looks.

Christi said...

That sounds like an absolutely great time! I love dodgeball!

Rebecca Kelley said...

It was definitely a fun and amusing night. Brent and Mark cracked me up -- definitely kids at heart. :D