Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Girls Ride.

We have been logging a lot of long, hard, scared-to-even-look-at-on-the-schedule-miles on the bike. As Sunday rolled around we were missing several of our "normal" Sunday training buddies. As much as we missed them (races, Masters, and other courses took them away), sad as it was, it turned out that we had a "girls only" ride. Immediately we made a pact that there would be no "smash-fest", ride until you puke, race to be king of the mountain type riding. This was going to be a steady, stay in your prescribed HR, have some fun, have some laughs and enjoy the day, a gorgeous day too. And we started an hour later to ensure our "beauty" rest.
.(Laura and T)

And folks, this is EXACTLY what it turned out to be. A ride that ended wanting to do a little more, a ride that ended going into "overtime". A ride done as prescribed and left feeling GREAT at the end of a 20+ something training week.

Was it the steady effort, the constant fueling, or the fact that it was 100% enjoyed with some amazing girls! I believe it was the latter. We took turns leading, we stopped for chocolate, and we rode our buns off...literally.

(Laura and Heather riding in their shadows)

Passing the "boys" on their bikes saying on your left and having 4 chix's pass by, I have to admit, left a little grin on our faces for a few moments throughout the day.

This change in pace gave us all a little more confidence than some of our normal Sunday "race" to the the finish rides.

(Us girls....with Laura taking the photo)

Girls...thanks..for the ride that was perfectly perfect!


Johnna said...

I wish I could have joined in. Looked like you guys had so much fun!

Hallie said...

sounds like a perfect day!! and i love that you stopped for chocolate!!

Anonymous said...

still smilin chica! see you friday!