Monday, July 05, 2010

The 4th!

Happy 4th!
Our weekend was spent with our friends on Vashon Island, which not only provide a beautiful home, amazing food and the most spectacular fireworks EVER, but the roads on that island make for an epic training weekend too.
Saturday I stayed on the bike trainer but the views across the ocean and the TDF on television made the session fly by (and WOW my cadence was up there chasing those tour boys). Then Sunday we road hill after hill and even found a little side route that had three consecutive (not one or two, but three) St Croix BEAST hills, they were grinders!
Today we are back home, working and getting the wedding gifts unwrapped and settled into our home. Can't wait to eat with all the new plates/cups/and flatware.
Happy 4th everyone and hope you enjoyed it to the fullest!


Beth said...

Just opening wedding gifts now?!?! I think that was the first thing I tore into after I got married. :)

Christi said...

Happy 4th to you as well!

Michelle Simmons said...

Awesome. I know what you mean about chasing the Tour boys while you're on the trainer. Perfect! :)

Kiet said...

Happy 4th TN! Glad to see you back on the training wagon.