Monday, July 19, 2010

Fat Salmon Take Two!

The annual Fat Salmon event was this past Saturday. A 3.2 mile swim along the shoreline of Lake Washington. A race where the non-wetsuit division is as fast as the wet suit division. Basically all the "swimmers" don't wear wetsuits and the triathletes (the smart ones) wear them. Therefore, I am smart and wore the absolutely fantastic TYR Hurricane wetsuit.

("The fish", myself, and Liz- the most organzied, well-run, supported event EVER! -she rocks!)

We arrived early and did some volunteering, Liz (race director) has been absolutely amazing and supportive of TNM and it was the least our team could do was to help out. Of course there was some competition as to whom had the best writing for body marking!

(Steve and Mark getting ready to do some damage on the numbers!)

Dang the weather has been cold here BTW. It finally hits a high of 70 around 4pm, so race morning didn't have me anxiously awaiting a beautiful dive into Kona-like waters. It was shivers and cold and actually warmer in the water than the crisp air.

I learned a bit last year (chalk one up for a little experience) and planned my race strategy a lot differently. And it worked, but I owe someone half of my 25+ pound salmon. I swim with this man "Tom" often, okay, maybe not often because I can only manage to get in the water at 5:30 in the morning on average twice per month and on a good month 4, but my average is closer to 1/2 a time a month these days.

I started swimming with a pack of about 4-5 (one a girl that kept swimming on top of me....couldn't figure it out since she was on the "feet" directly so it wasn't like I had the "good" seat on the bus). Eventually it panned out into a perfect line and I was in the perfect place, behind two guys. I swam and swam and kept cool, not getting to anxious to go faster. Then leader man, aka "Tom" (whom I didn't now was Tom at the time) kept swimming really close into shore, I kept following, but knew it wasn't the most direct path. Then swimmer man number two in our line decided to venture on his own path. I stuck with Tom a little longer until we hit close to half way and decided to swim ahead and take the lead and give him a break and hopefully swim a tad straighter :) At this point to, I figured he was ready to turn around and clock me with how much unintentionally "tapping" I was doing on his toes. I know "thee-most-annoying-thing-EVER". Good thing he likes me, well hopefully he still does ;)

We swam past the 1.2 mile start and could here cheers from the racers. Mark and some fun TNM mates were doing this event. I could feel their cheers and it made me even more excited to be racing and nearing the finish line!

As we neared the final turn I knew I had some people right behind me so I had to put my head down and go for it. Later found out it was the two guys that lead me through the first part.

I learned that I need to know where the finish line is because, as with anything, I need to be told 101 times before it registers! "Cross the line"! The director stopped me after the first mat to get my number.....they may have been plotting for someone else to win (ie: Tonya Harding style...ha!). Pretty funny to laugh at though!

And WOW to Mark who placed 2nd in his divison for the 1.2 mile swim!!!!!!

Thank you so much to TYR for the amazing non-foggy fit like a glove Tracer goggles and the Hurricane that has amazing range of motion in the shoulders and speed built right into it! Thanks swimmer dudes for the fast feet and happy to return the favor....Tom- as the salmon is being fillet, you will be getting half of it!!!


SSB said...

Congrats. Sounds like a run swim. Even though it's a lot colder than I'd like. Enjoy the salmon.

Beth said...

That's one big fish!!! :) Congrats on your win!! And glad you got "ACROSS THE LINE!!!" :)

Christi said...

Congratulations on a great swim!

Kiet said...

Jason and I know exactly how the two swimmer dudes feel. We should start a support group for swimmer dudes who get passed by TN.

Anonymous said...

Congrats T! Ian was most impressed with the salmon and thought you should have used it in the Seafair race. Throw a hook on it and have it trail behind you and then as you come in yell "look what I caught while I was swimming".

Beth :)

Eileen Swanson said...

Cool fish win ;-) Nice work out there....

Charisa said...

Awesome congrats!! You are such a fast fish!!