Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Canada Camp 2010

We headed up the second annual Ironman Canada Camp this past weekend. I will write about our absolutely amazing, dedicated, hard working athletes and their adventures at

With the busy weekend of keeping our athletes fueled/hydrated and clicking away at the miles we left early to get in our own "solid" training and get focused on the camp. We left mid day on Wednesday and arrived at a descent hour but were so exhausted that unloading the car was like miles 17-19 of an ironman. Where you are just going through the motions and not really seeing the end in sight. We crashed.

Woke up the next morning, did some computer work and Mark ventured out for coffee and pancakes for us (Denny's 101!). After some breakfast in bed we fell asleep AGAIN! Some training weekend so far, huh?!. We vowed to get up and be on our bikes by 12:30, well 2pm it was. We can't say thank you enough to K-swiss for the amazing cycle gear that not only was comfy, but made us look like the super-matchy-matchy couple (I like it!!!). Thanks K-Swiss! The weather was stormy and there had been talk of thundershowers rolling in on the news. We headed out on the ironman course and we stuck dead on with the wind, it wasn't too bad, until we had to turn around due to a fire, then it was WINDY.

Just when I was "over" the ride, Mark remembered an awesome ride he had down with Thomas while training for his first ironman in 2006. It was beautiful! We cycled for hours, and unlike our cycle to nowhere that occurred a few weeks prior, this one lead to the most amazing little town and spa resort. It was stunning. We stopped to have our water topped off and for some yum pastries.

(happy riders and happy bikes taking a super happy break for delish yums!)

Penticton is absolutely beautiful and riding to this beautiful place made me appreciate it even more. I had quickly forgotten about the first hour of non-sense and truly appreciated this great ride with Mark.

Upon returning home I needed to swim. We biked by the peach and the start and it was white caps galore, no swimming for me in there. While Mark ventured out on his transition run I searched, and searched, and searched for open pools, with zero luck. All having major renovations. I attempted the 90 degree bent 10 yd pool, but the sight of it with lots of children too made me walk straight back to the hotel room and vow to swim the next three days in a row (mission accomplished).

We finished the night off at Earls with an amazing strawberry spinach salad. YUM!!

(take note on who had to be in front to take this photo....ha! J/K...I had intervals!)

Can't wait to experience this ride again and thanks Mark for making it into something wonderful!


SSB said...

I want to attend one of your training camps some time.

Beth said...

Oh, so glad you turned it around and got some good training in! One day I want to do IM Canada as I have heard how amazingly beautiful it is. Hope the rest of your camp went well!

Kim said...

not that i could keep up, but i would love to come to your camp! how fun!

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

Oooh I love Penticton!!! Looks like you and your crew had a great time :)