Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exams, Ocean, and Sunshine!

Late night cramming, mid day naps be-gone, permanent bike fixture in my living room..... some serious catchup going on around here. I have been MIA playing exercise procrastination. It worked well with my college exams, but not sure how great it works with racing. This upcoming weekend is two back to back races. I was O.U.T. of swimming, let alone training, so my procrastination technique will be put to the test. Good thing no "A" races are this weekend, or I would be in double trouble. I just love to RACE, so this test I will take on as "extra credit".

This past weekend we went to Ocean Shores where two of my favorite people raced. Two different agendas to accomplish and two wins were the outcome. I claim Mark won (results say third), he was the first one to finish the entire I give him the victory dance!


The ocean was gorgeous and I was lucky enough to the opportunity to run along it the day before the race, chilly, but breathtaking.

The next day was my ENDURANCE day and was lucky enough to be able to meet up with my favorite guy riding buddies. We ventured away from the "normal" route and just kept riding, and riding, and riding and vowed to continue to ride until we found civilization (ie: a mini-mart). When we finally arrived, after passing pastures, horses, llamas, 4 wheelers, but not running out of a thing to talk about, we arrived at a mini mart with the long forgotten pay phone (hadn't seen one since forever!). Sorry, no pics since no place to carry camera when the the opportunity for tan lines were out in full force.

We had a blast laughing and riding to nowhere, and that was riding to nowhere fast. We covered 110 miles in record time (it was flat) and chalked up another day of perfect practice!

The sun is gorgeously shining in Seattle and I just wish someone could come up with a neoprene suit we could tan through!


Christi said...

Good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...



Kiet said...

Go get 'em TN, love how nonchalant you were about the 110 miles, it was freakin' 110 miles!

Beth said...

Go TN!!! Best of luck this weekend - double luck! :)

Johnna said...

"not running out of a thing to talk about" for 110miles...I bet I know who you went riding with!!!

Charisa said...

110 :)