Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank you to Matt Inman at (that is oat with a zero as the "O")

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold: Sickness and Weather combined.

This week the goal was to get back on track with the workouts...although being consistent, things were a bit sporadic with traveling. Of course, by Thursday everything had caught up with me- the travel, the catching up, the lack of sleep, and my nose was running faster and more frequently than ME. REST, REST and more REST (the boys at INEWMED would be proud) and come today (Sunday) I was back at it.

Bright and early cleaning the house, then logging the miles on the bike. I always wondered how I would pay for computrainer rides at $5-$15 a time before I realized that when riding at home I rent 2-3 "ON DEMAND" movies and there you have it-same price!

Playing "catch up" on the workouts made for a long day when Mark and I ventured out on the 1:45 run down on Alki. Starting out I got a chill in my two front teeth, immediately thinking, what are we doing??? Of course it didn't help that we had on shorts (check out the new lulu's-THANK YOU BETH!) and compression socks on. A must-have with the new team colors!

What a workout....snow flurries, windy against our backs on the way out and full STAGE ONE resistance running on the way home. I ran behind Mark for a little draft because the snow flakes in your eyes eventually started to hurt. I was able to get some refreshing flakes in my mouth for hydration. 12 miles complete and some left over Chinese food!!!

I won't say we battled for the warmth when we returned home, however, I got in the 30 min bubble bath before him! It was the best way to wrap up the day of workouts.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A week in review.

What an eventful week. I got to spend an entire week with one of my BFF's that just moved from Seattle to Orange County. She is one of those friends that you can go forever without seeing and you just feel like you never missed a moment together. A week flew by and before I knew it we were saying good byes again at the airport.
I finally am home, a bit more settled, and when I say a "bit" I mean just barely. Still living out of the luggage (my own this time) sitting by the doorstep, am trying to squeeze in workouts and trying to catch up on work.
The luggage swap.

(not my luggage)

(my luggage about 45 lbs think I would have noticed....look out if your flying your bike anywhere that I am! :))

After the luggage episode, I was in the FIST certification with Dan Empfield from Slowtwitch. Learned a ton, Dan is very knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. I am ready to practice (any takers??) Between the two homes, where we were staying and the FIST camp there were 8 dogs. See if you can see how many you can find below pictured with Dan below:

We went on some super fun trail runs...and since I didn't bring my bike I got to log a ton of hours in my Asics provided by Road Runner Sports (thank you!). I would like to say we are twins in our matching lululemon outfits and compression socks below, but for some reason I will NEVER look like Kate Hudson. Speaking of the new Bride Wars is the PERFECT chick flick!

(Off on another trail run...I would die to wear this outfit here in Seattle right now...the lulu beanie and gloves are still an absolute necessity around here!)

Then I spent the next two days in Orange county, but first stop was to pick up Ashlea's princess Chihuahua "Britney".

I dragged Ashlea to swimming at the UC Irvine pool in the Masters group. It was so much fun to swim outside, in the sun and with some super speedy people. Of course we showed up on "stroke" day so we logged 5,000 yds of stroke work (I have not done that much butterfly since college!) The second session was sprint work so not as bad! I finally got my 100 times down to 1:02 and was able to hold the 1:15 send off.

(Sun...I can't believe it!)

We spent time shopping, doing nails, making dinner and enjoying GIRL time. We couldn't help but get matching Don Hardy socks:

(Me pasty white stalky legs left, Ashlea tan skinny Cali legs right)

Then we were off to La Jolla for a USAT continuing education course. An afternoon of Mexican food, pj shopping, chocolate purchasing and hot tubbing (for some reason the love birds "dipping" with us did not like us practicing the dolphin kick in the hot tub :)) and before you knew it we were became much-like our college days and we were off for some body piercing or re-piercings that is. Giggles, more up laughs and in bed by 10 to make it for our early morning run.

6:30 am we were out the door in La Jolla to the beach front to witness some amazing body surfing, regular surfing and some beautiful views for a solid run. Some more learning and then back to the kitties and boyfriend in Seattle.

Ashlea, thanks for hosting me ALL week and for a great vacation with some AMAZING memories. Your the best!

News from the home front....Sienna didn't miss any of her bike rides....she just happened to quickly learn that Mark did not have his TT bike on the trainer. Good thing that front wheel wasn't spinning.

And here was my welcome home surprise....

The Scott Contessa rode bike!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

California livin'

Time flew by since New Years! From our potential floods of Seattle, which hit everywhere but the main city, to the new company (everything that is not done on the site is due to my laziness..or business..or my procrastination!). Please don't judge, but it is on my list of things "to do".

I was looking forward to a week in California with my great friend Ashlea (photos to follow because I forgot the stuff to download them!) who just moved here a couple of months ago from Seattle.

The week leading up to leave was crazy! From squeezing in the workouts, finishing up final things that needed to be done, etc. I got to the airport waiting to board and realized (after my luggage weighed in at a whooping 49.8 pounds) that I forgot EVERYTHING.

#1 The ipod (full necessity)
#2 the bikini...Hello 80 degrees! What was I thinking!
#3 the sunscreeen

I tried to convince Mark that I needed to go shopping and buy all of the above, but he wasn't having it....hmm...maybe just a bikini...on sale??? Please???

What I did remember....beanies for running, gloves, and the toothbrush! (only one of which I would really be needing!)

Decided to fly into Orange County since Ashlea lives there and then drive 1:45 hours to get to teh F.I.S.T. bike certification. Around 10pm decided to put on the p.j.'s only to discover I had grabbed someone elses's bag. I typically travel with the pink heart suitcase, but it broke on the way to Kona, so I traveled with Mark's super sized black-look-like-everyone-else case. However, there was no way I could mistake it, it had a big red christmas like ribbon on it. So I grabbed it and we were off.

What??? A blue ski jacket pops out of the suitcase...soemone else put red ribbon on their luggage?

CRAP! We woke up at at 5 to leave at 530 ( I don't even get up this early for swim practice) and headed back to orange county. 4hour round trip we were back to the Slowtwitch home and I was one hour late for my class. (Did I mention there was another suitcase on the turnmill at the airport with red ribbon on it....note to self....go back to the PINK suitcase!!)

Highlight was running at 5,000 feet which I hadn't done in awhile, I left out all prescribed intervals because just breathing was a challenge and then in the heat too was enough to make me crack. Oh and little to no sleep due to hunting down luggage, was a factor too, but NO excuses, I had to get it in!

I have learned a ton and really enjoyed the crew here and can't wait to practice this new found knowledge. But most importatntly spending quality time with Ashlea has been treat....catching up, laughing, sharing a room, wearing socks up to our knees and having meals cooked for us has been a girls way to travel. Did I mention there are eight, YES, I said eight dogs here. Nelson is my favorite, slept next to me all night!

Tomorrow we are headed back to Orange county. Of course, during a time that does not allow for rush hour traffice, getting movies, food and spending more "girl" time together.

To workouts, girlfriends and more sun!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome 2009!

For starters, NO, we did not drink the huge thing of champagne, I was just overly excited about the size of both the champagne and the wine glass. Jeepers! I couldn't get over it, I had to take as many photos as possible, seriously, have you ever seen a wine glass THAT big... I was scared it would eat Mark's head off!

I may possibly be the last person to post about the memories of the year and the intentions for next year, but I figured now or never (see procrastination below).

Memories that make this year unforgettable are the following:
#1 The endless cold weather and the hail storm we got caught in in prep for Ironman CDA. The daily emails about the water temps.
#2 Quail shootings and bear sightings while riding. -YIKES
#3 Family and friends support through ironman training and Kona, I have my hands full with Mark doing Canada this year, not sure if I can do half of what he did for me:)
#4 3-4 hour naps on Sundays....nothing like being at home with your cats and then eating (of course, at Puerto Vallerta)
#5 Everyone's health. We had a scare at the beginning of the year with Mark's brother and a brain tumor, luckily he is alright and almost a year post surgery! And Marks Grandma turns 90 tomorrow!
#6 My mom's amazing quest for a healthier lifestyle and being able to run and swim with her (and shop!).
#7 Chris (mom's boyfriend) cliff jumping in Kona....who officially swears, he will never do it again with a swollen eye and bruised feet, but it was nothing the Mai Tais could not cure that night!
#8 Dinners at the Donnellys
#9 The amazing support that people are helping me with in the new business, I had no idea how many people would be so supportive and encouraging. Thank you!
#10 The note I found on my race gear the morning of Kona from Mark. It had everything on there I needed to hear to know the day would go well! Thank you! Oh, and the cinammon roll in Kona!!!!!

Going into the New Year I feel better than I have been in the entire year. Things are great with my health, my career, and my relationships- oh yes, and training.
I intend to and hope to maintain all this throughout the year, to do this, I vow the following

#1Health: stay on meds, listen to docs, limit additional stressors, and smile!
#2Career: tnmultisports is a go....with the economy down, I start a business (resort to #1 goals- no additonal stressors!)
#3Relationships: See friends once a week outside of workouts:), make a meal for Mark once a month (about 8 more times than I did last year!), meet more friends! Support Mark in his training- If anyone has any suggestions let me know.
#4 Training: Keep getting in all workouts, outline 2009 game plan (done) and execute!

Some things that will not change:
Procrastination- When I procrastinate, things get done with care, and in half the time, I don't get distracted with facebook, e -mails, etc.
Puerto Vallerta meals- It is just a staple in our lifestyle (maybe we can limit them to 6 a month)
Losing everything- This is why I have to keep Mark around...he somehow knows where all my stuff is :)

I figure if I can do the following I can be a on a great path for another great year!

Once again, the hunormous Champagne bottle, but really it is me, saying "CHEERS to YOU" and to the happiest New Year yet. Good luck with your goals, your dreams and I am looking forward to hearing/reading all about them. To strength, health, happiness and friendships!