Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back on the bike!

Since mid-August I have not pedaled my legs in circles, not even once.  Somewhere in between bed rest and now I sold my bike and have been waiting for the new.  It came at the perfect time because I am cleared to do some additional training (still under an hour each time) and had I received it any sooner the temptation could have killed me. Funny how the universe works.  Introducing our newest addition, the Specialized Shiv with Di2, Gonzales!
His wheels are ready to spin (more now than ever!)! Giddy-Up!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Peaks and Pits

Does it count that I have written 101 posts in my head the past 2 months!

As with every year, life never disappoints in keeping me on my toes. Just when I think you have it down, all new things thrown into the mix. These adventures keep me growing, means I am living, and in the end makes me a better person.


2012 was great for so many reasons! The PEAKS outweighed the PITS. (anyone follow the Kardashians? No judging!)

(If I could post every picture I would......pictures say more than any words I could use describe how amazing this year was)



 Life Lessons (which are a peaks eventually!) AND UC flare, UC flare, UC flare (ughh!)

2012 has reminded me the importance of good people. I have my own struggles, my own values and understand everyone is on a different journey. I love to help people that are honest with themselves and where they are going. I am overly-passionate about my relationships (athletes, friendships, and family) and I will continue to be this way. I embrace those that are kind, thankful, and honest. 
My UC flare this year was a huge struggle, bigger than before, hence why I had to step away (only way to come back stronger!), take care of myself and learned along the way that you truly can replace one passion for another.  Everyone has many talents and, for me,  triathlon and athletics is not the end-all.  Cooking and crafts and more time with friends, along with even more energy put into building TNM have all filled my "personal time" with joy. It was not an easy shift by any means, but day by day I made small changes.
I have also learned that over time, as your body heals, your mind heals, and the journey of self-discovery continues.
Cheers to 2012 and thank you everyone for following me through this journey. This last flare was another eye-opener that health is the most important thing in life, without your health you can not live. Embrace the day, embrace your training, and embrace 2013!
Here we go again!