Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Swim Fun/TRX

Last year my body let me do 100x100. This year I missed out on that fun for two reasons 1. There was no way my body needed to be pushed to the limits, it is not healthy enough to take on that adventure and 2. the need for continuing education was calling from maintaining several certifications, luckily I landed in a full day of TRX training. From much experience with gymnastics and pilates, lets just say, by the end of the day we were doing some crazy- fun moves!

To make up for the missed holiday swim I did 70+x100 on a light interval with several of the TNM athletes. We were at max capacity with over 20 athletes showing up for the adventure of doing as many 100's as possible (okay, coach put a limit on each of them based on their swim fitness) in 2 hours. It was impressive to see these athletes take their swimming to another level, to watch Mark attempt diving off the blocks for the first time, to see some bikini briefs that have been in hiding since Canada and to see non-flip turners becoming real swimmers! Personally I enjoyed just swimming and working out with the athletes which I never do because I want to be "coaching" while they are training. But this was a "holiday special" so coaches got to play!

(Mark and his ladies...I mean lane mates!)

Mark is becoming a real swimmer and just set a 100 PR of 1:11 (and he will remind you that he does not do" cheater-flips")!!!

(the last of the fishies)

The full two hours was full of laughs, coffee, and donuts! Cheers... to doing it again and again (okay maybe not multiple 100's but some swim fun for sure)....as we have the pool for team swims each month now!!! Yeah!!

PS...Yes ,I do have a health update for you, but it will come after the Christmas holiday...now is the time to celebrate fun times with friends and family! Happiest of holidays friends! xoxo

Monday, December 06, 2010

Short Post, Big Message

We can all learn a lot from this girl! She truly means what she says and does it all with a smile!
You can click on her post and stop reading here :)

Her most recent post on "wrapping it up" hit home, it made me smile (because I am so proud of her), it made me sad (I miss pushing myself to the limits), it made me excited (because she is a true sum of dedication), it made me happy that I could relate to her message.

Charisa and I raced together for the first time in my first ironman (CDA in 2008). I didn't know her at the start, nor at the finish that day. We became friends through blogging, triathlon, and emailing (still need to figure out the butterfly!). We met for the first time in Kona 2009.

Charisa swam a 1:06 at multiple ironmans (3+) leading up to her pro debut this year. I (well, everyone)watched her throughout the year carry the determination to break that 1:06 barrier (this girl became a fish!). At her first ironman this year, she swam a 1:06 AGAIN....she did not give up and continued with her journey with additional fire in the belly. By the end of the season she swam a :59! I think all of FB had a party for her!

She wasn't just this successful with her swim, but with all the disciples related to triathlon and life. Her message in her post says a lot and I believe everyone can learn from it.

Keep believing, keep dreaming, and recognize that at the end of the day it is you, the clock, your dignity, your passion, and only a "tiny" thing that defines you as a person. Make the best of every race. Hard work does pay off! Be the best you can be...on and off the field!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Back in the Splash.

I never thought getting back in the pool would bring the emotions that it did. I jumped in feet first (normally, I kind of crawl in and don't even get my head wet until half way down the pool...its cold!) and an instant smile from ear to ear and around my head appeared! It was pure bliss!

(Super happy swimmer....the last time I swam....until now!)

The docs often ask what I do to relax...recommending yoga (which you will never find me doing again) and meditation, reading, etc....for me it is SWIMMING that 100% clears my head and takes me away to another land.

The swims these days consist of no clocks, no lap counting, just pure swimming from the heart and doing what feels right in the moment. Some days it is 15 min others maybe 40...it doesn't matter really, the fact that I GET to swim is where the appreciation lies.

(just one of the fun TYR suits I love!)

And what adds to all this fun excitement is that I finally get to wear all those cute TYR suits that have filled my swim bag. Thank you TYR for making swimming that much more of a wonderful thing!