Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No news is....

Things are going GREAT...
Things are going WELL...
Life is BUSY....
Life is Good.

The new year has brought some fantastic things into our lives. For starters TN Multisports is off with a bang! It is so much fun to meet so many new people, with different goals, different visions, but all loving the team environment that surrounds them.

And, as always, getting a few laughs along the way.

Like, if you forget your shoes, then you wear Lieto's shoes!

We are also loving the new cycling kits.

(Can you guess his cadence?)

(How about what he is watching...for the billionth time?)

I have adopted new training buddies...they have yet to discover they are in for the long haul. It sure kicks the FUN factor in training up a notch. A year ago you would have NEVER found me in the pool at 5:30a.m., but somehow this girl has managed to get me there. And this girl always has a smile on and never has an excuse to miss a workout, so our three bike rides a week together have been stellar. Hopefully they don't fire me anytime soon ;)

For 2010 the "trouble" kitty has started behaving better. We actually sleep at night now and she has been taken off all her medications. So she got herself a new toy. She just can't get enough of the little cut out in the top platform.

(No, she has not had too much catnip)

We have decided to work on eating in a bit more (goal is 3X a week). Don't worry, Puerto Vallerta will not go out of business. We invested in a nifty crock pot. You would think we gave birth to a child, as we had more comments on FB about the crock pot than when we announced our engagement. When Mark mentioned it had a remote I believed him. I thought "genius" now you can ride the trainer and just send remote signals to cook. Really, from the looks of it, wouldn't you believe so too?


We now have 3 cook books (crock pot ones specifically) and email recipes galore. We are now taking recipes for 2011!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Left Feet.

I may have officially come up with the best excuse to not do a run EVER, and I did not even put any thought into it, really, brain was not even slightly turned on, literally!

You see we (meaning training buddies), had some grand plans of "getting IT done" this weekend. IT= super long bike ride, not a gorgeous ride outside with the sun beating down our backs, nope, not us. This bike ride was on the trainers in a room of approx 300 sq feet, with 7 sweaty athletes. And the boys had the luxury of getting to ride in front this week, so no television viewing for us ladies. Each half an hour on the nose, we debated whether to keep going, but there is something about being able highlight 100% of your schedule in a week, so we kept those legs a turnin'. Following this non-moving scenery ride we were to escape this room to challenge the winds and cold with a 1:30 run.
And then....
it happened....
while we were in the midst of a speedy transition....
the most genius plan ever....
that is, if you don't really want to run....


Two left feet!
Thank you K-Swiss for the amazing shoes, I love them! However, when you have more than 2 or 3 pairs of the same kind, it gets this girl a little confused.
Yes, I was not "hard core" enough to do the run with two left feet, we will save that for my dancing. I ventured home, leaving the last remaining training buddies for the day to also contemplate "the run". However, 30 min later we messaged each other to make sure everyone was finishing up the workout...just with a little longer transition time than expected.
PS: TNM athletes...this is not an excuse for you :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Teresa Nelson

Sometimes just a name will get 'cha a little excited. My name, however, does not have much of a ring too it. Yeah, you get the Mother Teresa comments here and there and Nelson, well is Nelson, common, common, common. Might as well be a Webb! Ha!

So the owner of AdventX, John Colver (who just did a 50K trail run BTW) sent over a few shots while in BC...

(And I love a good least its not a pig roast joint)

Yep, Teresa's Cafe! Here is the kicker, check out the street name that THEE cafe is located on:

Now that was enough to make me smile. You think Oprah has a cafe on a street name Winfrey (I think not)...folks, you are in the eyes of the famous! :)