Monday, May 31, 2010

Hitched and a Honu-honeymoon!

Life has been busy in a super fun kind of way, the computer has been far from us and I feel horrible not updating this sooner, but would not take back a second of our busy weeks :). The wedding was the best day ever, and I have several blog posts I could write including that of 13 dress fittings, the "try to fit in training" mishaps, unending cake and my always believed to be "sister"...and trust me they will come....just not yet, as there is too much sun to be had and fishies to swim with right now.

The week was filled with amazing fun with friends from mani/pedi parties, facials, dinner with the girls, and family that I hadn't seen in years. The time flies and the memories of the wedding week will be with me FOREVER

We stayed in Seattle for one more week of rain...I mean work, and now we are in Kona for nearly two weeks and loving every minute (well except for the bike mechanical issues!).

Thank you to our friends and family for the amazing wedding and fun-times. We love you!
The Webbs.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


(yep that is tumbleweed in the middle of the road)

I promised a post titled redemption a couple weeks back. And the weekend came and went at a blink of an eye. Our story is still yet to be told.

(my fave training girls on a mission)

If you remember we took off to Wenatchee for a girls bachelorette weekend of training and training and training with a few chocoloate stops in between.

We had a "rough" day so to say and, well, as many of us left the weekend feeling super "accomplished" there was still a small piece missing for some.

For was "the climb".

Advance a few weeks later and us three musketeers loaded up the car again for some major redemption.

Day one:
Interval after interval on the bike and then the run and then a major BONK on my behalf. But it was alright, we just rolled in the grass, sat in the freezing water and laughed the "super challenging" workout off.
(Just a tad "out of it" but soaking up some rays cures everything)

Day two:

THE HILL. Yep, some long mileage with a 6 mile climb somewhere in the middle, (although the sign says 5 it is really six from the sign) and 45 min later we were to the top (okay maybe some made it in less than that but I figure the longer you are on the hill the more training you get in right?!).

We rode our redemption ride and with 15 miles left (10 of which are downhill) we had the most AMAZING...homemade...warmed...frosting lathered...double fork fisted cinammon rolls EVER!

We were hit with a rain storm flying downhill in those last 5 miles but that cinammon roll stop made it all worth it!

(Disappointed that I had to set ONE of my forks down to take this picture!)

To MANY more weekend training trips with the girls and a sub 40 min climb!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to father and son....born just a few days apart (and a some years). The cats showed up to celebrate this one!

Until one caught on fire....too many candles will do that to ya! It just so happens that it was Mark's fave cat whose ears were setting off fire alarms. The brown kitty was good!

And Papa Webb got another Mexican Fiesta hat! So did Mark, but you don't want to see that photo:)

Happy Birthday Webbs!

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Today is an extra special MOM day. My mom and I are alike with our two main extra curricular activities being working out and shopping. She spent this weekend doing what she loves so I couldn't be happier for her.....

Racing with friends (apparently they like ice baths too!):

(She has her own team call Just Us Girls or JUGS for short)

And shopping too....(hats for sure!):

Happy Momma day to my bestest!!!!
Love you mom! xoxo

Monday, May 03, 2010

Super STARS.

It's Monday, post a blog day, and the day has flown by, just as the 50 mph winds are. The past week, or better yet, the past two days of training have forced me to consume so much food I think I may have been born with a cows stomach...just when 5 of my stomachs are full, the other two are growling for more.
And really who has time to eat when this internet thing is giving us live updates from around the world of these amazing triathletes doing amazing things. I am more excited, concerned, and begging to hear how everyone is doing as I am out on these long training trips. Yes they are trips, I like to consider them ALL day excursions. If only the garmin could display ironman live on a split screen then this could be much better, really I would be happy to not see my HR during these race pace efforts. All the races lead to so much emotion. I find myself crying in excitement, riding like with a smile and an added kick in my step to each mini-break (and that bakery stop in Monroe-wait not Monroe, it was Snohomish as Johnna reminded me.....I don't think I know where Monroe is?? So the Snohomish bakery rocks....going for the cinnamon roll next time....and really doesn't bother me at all when some gets a flat tire) to get 50 text updates from Mark (who happens to have to work on Saturdays) filling us in on how everyone is doing. I wonder, I worry, and I WILL all my little powers (I don't really know what they are) to each of you.
So if you wonder why I have not photos it is because we are too busy checking on updates during our regular photo shoots.
The TNM crew (and fellow blog-lite buddies) is on FIRE right now doing extraordinary things and letting dreams come true. The excitement is contagious amongst the team (PR's, Boston qualifiers-2, Pro qualifiers-3, first time marathoners). To everyone, keep up the training and keep doing what you is EXCITING.