Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tough Pills

Yep, I am alive. Today was the first day of the Humira treatments and they should come with a "tough pill" to swallow ahead of time. Inflicting pain upon yourself outside of working out is not what I am trained to do. Left feeling nauseaus after the 4th injection the nurse had to lie me down and remind me to breathe. Really, I was embarassing myself.

I was well past the time of a Remicade treatment, in fact nearly 4 weeks late. I was feeling SO great without all the medicine in me, feeling stronger, more energy, etc. But there is still a grumble in the gut occasionaly reminding me that I need to stay on the medicines and that is where I was anxious to start the Humira. Praying for fewer side effects!

Amongst other things we traveled to Hawaii to witness friends and like-minded-crazies in the Ironman World Championships. Was so lucky to be able to bring my bike and train while we were there, riding LONG and solo, and battling the headwinds on the Queen K made for a smiling ME! While Mark and buddies were out on the golf course breaking golf carts, losing clubs, and enjoying the views. Outside of training Mark and I got to spend a lot of time together just the two of us, sort of like a real vacation!

As everyone knows you see all the big time pros out and about the week of the ironman so that was no surprise. BUT, what was a big surprise was being at the Kona Aquatic Center on Friday (the afternoon/evening before the race) at 4pm and seeing 5+ big names (oops, the secret may be out) all swimming and hanging out with their children. These pros never stop! Lets just say my swim was nothing short of absolutely amazing that afternoon!

I believe that was our final vacation of the year, we added it up (well actually were working on book-keeping) and realized we traveled 13 times this year (between May and October). This is way more than this home-body is accustomed too. Thankful for all the splendid journeys this year, but even more happy to be at home with the holidays quickly approaching.

Congrats to all the Hawaii Ironman athletes, now bring on the pumpkin flavored goodies and egg nog! As many are winding down I am just winding up the training, just doing as much as I can when it feels right. Needing many more "tough pills" to get me through all the indoor training ahead!