Friday, May 27, 2011

Cross check complete.

We are off again. Lots of travel has left me far away from the computer. Last week was the TNM CDA (I miss-spell it everytime so it will forever be in initials) camp. And now we are in Hawaii which was our honeymoon and a race for both of us last year.

Yep, its been one-full year that has been a whirlwind and along the way (dang, still need to order wedding photos too!). From sleeping on hospital floors, to taking over my daily tasks, to helping me keep my head on straight, through EVERY doctors appointment and his unconditional love and support our love was tested for sure. I am not sure how I would have possibly made it through without this man in my life. THANK YOU!

We have mastered traveling....Mark packs bikes, Teresa over-packs her luggage, Teresa then SECRETLY packs more stuff in bike boxes and Marks is working out nicely and I have yet to exceed the 50lb maximum in any bag. :)

We left early last week for CDA because mid-70 temps were calling our names. We got in some solid training (two 70+ mile rides for me=happy) before and in-between helping the seven amazing campers with their goals for the weekend of training. They are all looking great and in 5 weeks (gulp...maybe closer to 4 weeks) their dedication will pay off. So excited to watch them flourish!

(Sunny biking days, thanks Betty Designs for the super stylin kit!)

(43 degree ice bath...yikes!)

Then it was 4 days of "real work". Getting things done in overtime so we can enjoy some vacay', a little work, and a little play, and top the next weekend off with some weekend racing/cheering in Kona. We nearly pulled an all-nighter, which I am become all to familiar with (the last flying trip the royal wedding was being televised, so it made sense to pack and clean through the night...who's with me here?! :)), to get everything together and I was still 10 min late getting out the door this morning. Luggage-would-not-zip-up! Going to try to redeem myself for the Boise trip up next :)

(Waiting to go play ALL week in Hawaii)

Things are looking again with my health and I submitted the 2011 racing license to USAT. I see a race in my deck of cards by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Playin' tricks!

This weather is really playing some tricks on us! It is amazing how much more of a "challenge" it is to get outside when it is grey, wet, windy (insert more complaining here). I accept it during the winter, but each day this past week has been incredibly different.

One, naturally, would believe that if it is 60 and gorgeously sunny with only a few clouds that the weather man is "off" saying the next day will bring the biggest rain fall yet. But he was right and the plans of riding with the girls all day was quickly knixed! I waited until 6pm on a Sunday for the rain to stop and then played mind games with myself for a bit longer only to land my bum on the bike trainer, as the rest of Seattle (and all those that escaped to Wenatchee in hopes for great weather) had to do.

Luckily there is a bit of flexibility in my schedule (and so do my best training buddies) so we were able to jump on our biking wheels at the break of sunshine for a few great rides this week. Lucky we were! And I really felt like I had a break-through brick workout on one of those that left me smiling for the rest of the day!!

We are looking forward to Ironman CDA camp (we will miss you Kiet, but I will warm the course up for you!) and then the next week off to Honu 70.3 where the weather will have no effect on the excitement to train!

Sunny days ahead and grey skies behind us (please?!).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I want you back....and some Wildflower news!

My fitness is slow, slow, slowly returning.......and then I get stopped in my tracks....and then it feels like starting from square one again. A few weeks on then 3-4 days off then repeat. Not the most ideal training schedule but it is better than having my bum sealed to the couch participating in online window shopping.

The medicines I am weening off of is going at a much slower rate because they are sparking the headaches/mini-migraines that are wiping me out for a few days. And the fear of falling into the horrific conditions of last year leave Mark and I "playing" it safe and not taking any risks when it comes to my health. Health first, racing second!

The plan was to have me ready to race Rev 3 July 10th in Portland but it is starting to look a bit slim with the constant adjustments to my training plan. Although 90% of it is getting done, I stress over the additional 10% that I feel are key workouts in prepping this out of shape body. Muscle...I want strong, speedy muscle! So instead of stressing too much I am left embracing the 90% (90% more than I was able to do) and just going to see what this body is ready for come July 10.

I have a few big training weekends ahead and anticipate to tackle them with all my might. Primarily since they land directly in the middle of treatments at the point when I feel the most functional!

And a quick Wildflower Recap!
Genevieve-First triathlon EVER....need we say more!

Kara- Wins overall amateur in the last 50 yards!!

Kim took note from our speedy stylin' car and placed second in the Olympic and qualified for her pro license!

Jeff and Mark who raced their hearts out in prep for CDA and took care of all us girls!

With these results one must believe there was something in the chicken (or the peep s'mores) at our campsite.....we are taking reservations NOW for next year!

To all of you racing currently: you continue to inspire me, give me hope, and know that dreams do come true! Let your journey continue!