Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to my roots....

This past weekend I got to head back to my college town of Reno.  I was so excited for this trip for may reasons:
I got to see my college, its been 12 years! And Mark got to see my college. Oh the memories!
We spent the majority of our time in Tahoe.
Running trails.
Swimming at North Star.
Hanging out with friends.
Seeing my BFF Kelley!
Meeting new friends. 
And preparing for Ironman Tahoe and camp next year.
Scouting out the course....I really want to tell you all about it, but am concerned it will change...so will save for a later date, but it will be FAST if it stays as published.
If you got signed up for this you are signed up for one amazingly epic day!!!!
But most importantly we went to our friends Karissa and Todd's wedding at Martis Camp. Thank you for letting us share in your special day!
We had an amazing trip and are excited to add this venue to our travel plans a few times over next year.
I am happy to say that I logged a total of 3 hours of training last week. Progress!

One of the great lap pools at North Star. 6 miles to race start.
Kings Beach. Iroman Tahoe race start!
Trails at North Star.
The Marker Wedding at Martis Camp.


Friday, September 07, 2012


This disease is no joke and it is unbelieveable to me that it can be so destructive in such a short time frame. Bed rest for me.....Dr B (Dr Bohorfoush, just try to pronounce that, best gastro ever!) was right when he said I was on a tipping point, I believed him....but still like to believe in being invincible on most days.  Being ordered to rest is harder than being told to go do an ironman.  Ironman easy, rest hard. 

Loving to ride.......Being in the moment.....

This flare up started about 3 weeks ago.  I had stopped taking immuran (250mg) because I was sleeping my life away.  2-3 hour naps,daily (yes, who has time for that!) just don't seem acceptable, especially on these gorgeous Seattle summer days.  The doctor agreed, but made me book an appointment six weeks post stopping the medicine.  Low and behold 6 weeks marked the signs of being sick. Dang, he is always right! Give me the naps and let me be ME.
 I have been ordered immuran again and nasty prednisone (still on humira too). The puffy face and hair loss have begun.  The good thing is I think we have caught this one soon enough that, so long as I listen and obey then my days in the hospital could be at zero, the doctor threatened yesterday...not funny!   I have lost near 5 pounds and staying hydrated is a big challenge, so exercise is a no-go. Seriously sore from just "being" at the current moment.

Ready to leave this flare behind me.......
My hopes are that these meds kick in during the next couple weeks and I will be able to resume my daily activities, you know, work, eat, exercise.....seems so minor but I can't see myself watching a whole other season of "Million Dollar Listing", "Dance Moms","Kardashians"and maybe a little bit of that "Toddlers and Tiaras". We are going to go broke with the On Demand Rentals. Oh, the guilty pleasures. But someone once said "if it provides pleasure then you should never feel guilty". Right?! (of course they are not aware of my shopping habits!) Really I am losing brain cells! But I am willing to sacrifice a month or two of training and racing if it means I can get back to some normalcy sooner than later.
Theres is a lot of debating and contemplating going on in my head at this point, but I am just going to stay positive and chalk this flare up as a reminder that I  need to be extra careful with this body I am given and keep looking forward.

Up next is a lovely wedding in Tahoe and being an official spectator at Leadman 250....someday I look forward to that race, it sounds so EPIC!

Looking forward to chasing my shadow again soon!
To all those racing, enjoy your day and appreciate your health!  Nothing can be taken for granted.  I will be diligently tracking the races online while creating a permanent booty mold on my sofa. Who knows I may take up ceramics!