Friday, June 19, 2009

CDA luggage

I'm off again. To Ironman CDA, no racing there this year! I have taken nearly an entire week off of training, my body LOVES sleep post half ironman racing. Nearly too much sleep, all those hours I would prefer to be training, I sleep, and sleep and sleep. So I had to make some adjustments to plans this weekend. Instead of driving I've opted to fly. Most excitingly I get to travel with Beth. This adjustment to plans allows for cramming in training, shopping and work this Friday before having some fun and cheering like crazy over the weekend.

Oh and how hard is it to find cute luggage! It is one of those items you find when you don't need it, but when you just disappears. My pink heart luggage went to heaven a little over a year ago and since then I have been using a big 'ole manly K2 bag with Mark. Going to California and then to Boise I had to borrow a friends, so today (I was supposed to ride, but it was pouring out!) I ventured around downtown for the perfect girly "affordable" luggage:

it is not my most ideal, but time was running out. It will work great for this weekend and I am keeping my eyes out for something bigger/better for the next adventure! Now onto the bike, then work. Priorities!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boise 70.3 recap

(tnm girls-Connie, Teresa, Lisa-MIA Rebecca)

Oh, how I continue to disappear and reappear. Boise 70.3 was this last weekend and there were 13 TN multisport athletes racing. We arrived late Thursday night (as we had car fulls of people following each other).

The weather seemed fantastic and we kept hearing of thundershowers. The athlete guide says that there is an average of 1 inc he of rain in the month of June. Well, we had a record breaking June all in one day for sure!

I debated weather to race, as I was still trying to get my run times down from St Croix. But I knew this course was a fast one and I love racing! So on the week leading up I figured I would give it a shot. I figured if I continued resting my legs I could possibly surprise myself.

The race started at 2pm. Cycling through dinner time was going to be a challenge! Logistically this race was a challenge, but the race directors did a fantastic job of keeping everything VERY organized.

Race morning we woke up at 8am (Yep, 8am!). Had a pancake breakfast, dropped our stuff off at t2 and then shuttle bussed it up to the start and T1. This is where there was a ton of time to kill. The sun was out, sunscreen was on, I went to the bathroom more like 20 times instead of the usual 10. Tons of photo opportunities and I lied out a towel in transition and waited.

(tnm boys- Darin, Mark, Jeff, Thomas, Kevin- MIA-Brent and Jason)

My wave went of 40 minutes after the pros, the largest wave of women, ages 18-34. The weather gradually began to change. Cloudier, then windier, then rain. The buoys were moving, the buoys were being taken out because of the extreme drift. We had to round the three red buoys, I heard some were told, while in the water, they could bypass the second was moving further and further away. The waves left me to only be able to breathe to the left, breathing to the right was asking for a huge gulp of water.

Altitude, cold and conditions led for some slower swim times. I was SO thankful this race had wetsuit strippers. I came out of the water in 29+ and as I was taking off my wetsuit the zipper got caught in my watch, I was struggling to get it off. Thank you volunteers for helping me get it off.

(random photo of wetsuit strippers)

The ride was FAST, fairly flat, a few climbs, was the weather that made this ride challenging. It was an honest downpour the entire ride, puddles everywhere, thunder, lightning, and hail. Man, that hail hurts! I thought someone was throwing pebbles at me! I could hear my breaks rubbing, I think due to the wetness, so I had to stop and open my brakes in the back. I know, I would not recommend this, but I was extremely cautious in slowing and cornering.

(entering t2-nothing dry here)

The run was a two looper, FLAT! The puddles were not there to dodge, they were there to run right through. The zoot carbon shoe was fantastic, as I saw some shoes so saturated I don't know if they could ever be worn again. The wetness did cause my feet to score a few blisters, manageable to run on, but not fun when I hopped in the shower post-race. I think everyone in the hotel could hear my screams.

(finish line in sight)

I loved seeing so many TNM athletes on the course. So much cheering mid race, and the finish line shoot is filled with spectators (even in the crappy weather), you would have thought it was a true full ironman.

I got to see Mark three times on the course (1 time on bike, 2 on run). He had a fantastic race and a half ironman PR. He has been training very well this year and earned every second of his speedy time :)

(Mark running to 15th in his division)

Besides the weather and the 2pm start (would prefer 10am or noon), this race was fantastic. Very well organized, fast course and really a FUN event.

I am very pleased that I decided to race, my result placed me as the first amateur female. First half ironman win.

Thanks to Blue Seventy, Road Runner Sports, Inewmed, Kainoa, Base Performance, Splish, Richard Dizon, Zoot, Rudy Proeject and the TNM family for your amazing support and products. Because of you guys I am able to perform to my potential. I appreciate you!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Race Ready....

He's tried the new outfit, he's resting up. Here comes Boise 70.3. Go Mark!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Seattle is keeping me busy!!

I know, I know, its been a long while. I was trying so hard to keep up on the posting. But life just happens and I slowed down a bit,well, sort of. Upon returning home fromm California I was plagued with dizziness and not feeling "right" since the migraine. I gradually added in working out, but rested a lot too. Then Summer came to Seattle. And when that happens no one stays in doors. I got some amazing long rides in and took advantage of every day in the sun, along with longer days. Open water swims, rides, and a few runs (that hasn't been the same since St Croix either) and then it was trying to get some work done too. So all in all, the blog fell to the backside.

We had our first local race and the new TN multisports kits were sported! It was so exciting to see the athletes racing again!

The Rock N Roll marathon is quickly approaching here, not only are the 25,000 participants (largest running event ever in Seattle), but I somehow am volunteering at a water station. The most exciting thing about this so far is that there was a meeting for team captains at the Museum of flight, which I have never been too, I was entertained by the cool airplanes and am determined to go back to possibly "learn" something next time.


With some amazing beautiful sunshiny days it is surprising to report that we had a day that equated to 90 degree heat and ended with a wind storm that left us without power for hours. Every candle we owned was burning. You really never know what your going to get around here.

We are headed to Boise 70.3 by the end of this week. Ready to race this famous West Seattle pizza off from Talarico's (only 3.95 a slice)!

I was stuffed after a few bites of the BBQ chicken special!