Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lifelong Friend.

We all have one right? Or am I just lucky?
I hope that's not the case because its extra special to me and everyone in life deserves one.

It's not just a friend, not just a best friend, it is SO much more.

It's that one person.

A person whom no matter where life takes you, no matter how long you go without talking, no matter what to ever-infinity. The two of you are meant to be together. (Yes, your husband/partner takes on this role, but that's not what I am talking about).

It's that lifelong friend.

Mine is one who, before either of our existence, each of our fathers were best friends.

Her parents introduced my parents. 
First day of school 1982.

We were both born 6 days apart.

We played, laughed, and have pictures of us both whining in the crib together.

In honesty we haven't been the best-buddy-call-each-other-daily, or yearly, or even each decade type of friends. We have a greater understanding of one another.

We have a strong bond that is unbreakable. We both are there for each other for anything.  It's just an unspoken understanding that is impossible to put into words. 

Maybe we are saving it for when we are old, okay, OLDER.

On my wedding day she was the first "guest" to see me in my gown. 
In a restroom stall , door open,crouched over the toilet, with two bridesmaids holding my dress.  And guess who walks in: Rebecca and her mom!

What brings her up today? Today I received the most precious gift I have received since my bridal shower when my Aunt Cheryl gave me my dad's birth bracelet. A very small bracelet made of beads with the letters of his name engraved on the beads. More than the bracelet it was a reminder to me that he has not been forgotten.

For Rebecca's 35th birthday on April 7th. She and her children decided to do 35 random acts of kindness.  I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients. Whoop!

Along with the sweetest note I received lots of photos that her mother had kept through the years.  Not just any photos but "real-precious-eye-watering-heart-melting-so-happy-to-have-Rebecca-in-my-life-photos".

My mom, at 21.  Dare I say how similar we look!

The remaining were of my parents wedding.  Married in the courthouse and pics of their afternoon with cake and gifts.  Photos I had never seen, nor even knew they existed.  And having lost my father, it meant even more to me to see him during these happy times.

To the Aquinos, my parents, and Rebecca.  My life is more complete, special and savored each day knowing that you are ALWAYS there. Not sure how I got to be so incredibly lucky, but I am not going to question it. 

Love you more and more each day!