Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mercer Island 10K Sunday

Today was the annual Mercer Island 5k/10K or half marathon. What is great is that it brings out so many different athletes with the variety of distances. I had not raced a 10K in ages, let alone a running event, as last year I had a torn obturator (small muscle next to the hamstring, that I was unable to train for running at all).

My goals was a PR and to test my gut for upcoming races, as the new medication has been a bit of a challenge. I run the 5K's at 6:55 pace and the half at 7:15 so I figured I would fall right in the middle and I did. The hilly course landed me at 7:09's. A PR! And a little boost of confidence in my running abilities. Yet, a lot of work to still be done :) Below I just got done robbing a bank and yes, I do have WHITE compression socks on, not a tatoo that says zoot on my calf. My pasty legs are ready for St. Croix!

Upon returning home I still had a bike ride to squeeze in, AFTER some needed recovery (Base recovery and compression and a nice bath). The new recovery tights from Zoot arrived last week and they are amazing!!! Thank you ZOOT- love them!

Yep I have duck feet, they point inward, true a sign of a swimmer (well, a freestyler and butterflyer).

Then we were off to our normal Mexican, second time this week. And we ran into the nephews and family. Here is Wagner who now officially repeats everything you say.

Us: "Wagner, did you go in the pool?"
Wags: "In the pool".
Us: "Did you have a quesidilla?"
Wags: "Have a quesidilla."
Us: "Get up on it"*
Wags: "Get up on it"*

*that was the new phrase for the night.

This was the entertainment out side of the Mexican restauranat...possibly one to many margaritas, however, I think he knew he could get a lot of attention by just taking over hte sidewalk. He played his cards right and had a crowd waiting to pet him.

Monday is nearly here...getting ready for another training filled week!


beth said...

Congrats on your PR lady! I love the compression socks :).

Charisa said...

Congrats on your PR!!!

jesslover said...

Congrats on the PR!

I'm thinking I'm going to try out some of those recovery tights too. I've been reading up on them and they sound awesome.

Lisa said...

Yay for a PR!!!