Monday, March 09, 2009

Humor me!

I have officially worn all 4 splish suits! Yep, four swims down 4,000 yds a piece.

Saturday was a long run on trails in the pouring rain, I passed a girl and her boyfriend, her comment to him was "do I look that bad?" Now I know she was referring to how muddy and gross my shoes, legs, backside was, but come me out here! His response to her was "YES". (Thank you!) Mark cleaned up my shoes and brought me home a new pair for the "good weather" days.

I had my second outdoor bike ride of 2009. From the windows it looked like 80 degrees and in all seriousness it was barely 40. However, we bundled up for all 30 miles. I got chaffing from the booties on the back side of my calf and after showering notice it was band aids to be found so I maneuvered my way around holding a tissue behind my left leg with my right leg and decided to blow dry my hair. It was a balancing act for the circus...but I think they would have hired me!

It is still snowing here....Sunday woke up to ride all 3.5 hours indoor. The sun starting breaking through just in time for the transition run. I threw on the compression socks, the lulu shorts, long sleeve and my "good weather" shoes and was off. On my run down Alki you cross one takes 2 min and 45 seconds to get there....this is the point of no return. I had passed the point of no return when it started hailing. Not just a little hail, the cover the streets looks like snow hail. I figured I could take it for 40 minutes, I remembered hiding a pair of gloves on the route from the previous week when it was sunny and I got too hot, I searched for them since now I was freezing, no luck. Quickly the pelting white rocks started to hurt...I started visualizing coming home with bruises on my face along with the cut back of my leg (see above), and dirty "good weather" shoes and figured this was not going to pan out. My 40 min run officially became 18 minutes, of which the hail decided to stop at minute 17.5. Ughh!!!

My mom's hair stylist decided to join the tri team. I talked with her yesterday for the first time and we have decided to meet next Friday at a coffee shop. I wake up this morning to find my cat pooed on the floor (not sure what this is about). I decided to wake Mark up by texting him a photo of it ( I know, like that is going to make him get out of bed, but I wasn't thinking that far ahead). Before I knew it I sent it to my mom's hairstylist. It was one of those "oh no!, stop!" moments of which I could do nothing about. As I am typing the "Oh my, I am so sorry, I can't believe what I have just done" message- a text comes in from her..."I don't think you meant to send this to me". Dang! She opened it! Ya think! I have never met you and I am sending you a picture of poo! Then she comes back with...don't worry, I will have you topped in a year! I couldn't stop laughing at myself all morning. I am excited to meet her, she has a great sense of humor, I can tell already! Sorry no photo on this one!

For all you basketball fans, UW won. All I can tell you i s that the game started at 2:30 because Mark reminded me enough times so that we would plan our workouts accordingly. Apparently the first quarter was so exciting that I am glad we got home in time for the start, this is what he looked like along with his blackberry in his lap:

I attempted to make some microwave popcorn for the event....the fire alarm went off! :(

Here's hoping for a week of non-chaffing workouts, non muddy trails (unless it equals another new pair of shoes), no hail killing weather, cats using their litter box and to equal amounts of humor!


Lisa said...

Haha!! Glad you survived--here's to a less crazy week!

Anonymous said...

4 new suits and I am sure there are more on order...


beth said...

There is nothing more frustrating than sending poop pictures to people you don't know. I can't really compare anything to the week you have had - I have been on a DayNyQuil binge since Friday.

Here is to a better week!

BreeWee said...

ha ha... YES! A new suit for every workout, that is the way to go! LOVE the run outfit, especially the socks!

Cheers to a good week!!

Stacey said...

Go Huskies!

Rebecca Kelley said...

I love you for sending a picture of your cat's crap to a total stranger. That is hilarious. :D