Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The jeans went through the dryer....

TODAY marks the first parking ticket of the year. Last year was about 6, averaging one every two months isn't bad, except that three of the six came within 8 days of each other, two in one day as we were leaving for Wildflower. $35 dollars...hmm..a pair of lulu shorts, part of a race entry, oh, what I could do with $35 dollars but all I want to do is continue supporting our amazing city of Seattle, since the $5 ++++ dollars I pay a day in parking just isn't enough.

I was introduced to the new Mac "long lasting" liquid mascara. The lady at the Mac was trying to tell me that I needed "xyz" to take it off since it is so LONG LASTING. I blew it off thinking, if I can get bike grease off any part of my body, I am sure I can get mascara off my eyelid. I was like a sixth grader trying to put on makeup without mom knowing and not having a clue as to what I was doing (like she wasn't going to notice, right?).
I was given 1 hour to shower and get ready for Mexican. I gave up the bike trainer to take this shower and let Mark get his ride in, since he is on 9 days straight of working. I figured this was fantastic I could finally shower, blow dry my hair, be bit of a girl and put on some make up. Needless to say there can not be a single error in the application of this Mac cosmetic. I spent 15 minutes trying to "fix" my mistake, getting it on my hands, then on my cheek, then the let me just wash my entire face and start all over again. If you do it right, it works great, just don't let your cat rub up against your elbow when applying.

Here is Mark enjoying his ride (as I am battling my makeup in the bathroom). He got off at one point to close the windows claiming...."Its Kona time"...oh the joys of riding indoors.

And yes, the jeans did go through the dryer (typically they always do...but one of THOSE days!).


Anonymous said...

oh no!!!! i'm so sorry i should've warned you!!! oops! you'll get amazing at it though...did i mention it stays on even thru chlorine???

beth said...

I hate it when jeans go through the dryer. I usually like to wash them on cold, then put them on a middle ages style rack torture device to get them the right fit. Of course when they go through the dryer on extra-hot, needless to say there is a lot of cussing and shoving certain flesh parts around so I fit in them :).

Bri Cooper said...

ha I hate that kind of mascara!!! I'm really clumsy so I don't even try to master an art like that :)

Eileen Swanson said...

Hi, when will you be at Wildflower? We'll be there coaching the TriCal clinics this weekend! Nice blog and love that you love lulu stuff ;-)