Saturday, March 21, 2009

And I didn't move even close to a mile!

Trapped! Indoors! 4.5 hours! Rainstorms and wind kept this girl inside. All I could think about was being spoiled the last two weeks with a pinch of sunshine on Fridays to ride and run outdoors. Today it was not going to happen so I convinced myself that there are lots of great reasons to ride in doors.

Besides movie selections and smut t.v. I get the luxury of not having to carry my nutrition (is anyone excited yet). I pre-plan for bonking ALWAYS with a snickers and a red bull. Note: Waterbottles on bike!

Align CenterAnd the bathroom breaks are within the minute they are needed, no searching for restrooms on this route.

Okay, who am I joking, today took every little ounce of strength, motivation, and mental toughness to stay on that bike. I did some major soul searching and reminding myself of my goals, thinking of all the reasons I train, all the reasons I race, what I want to accomplish, what others would think. Each minute counted and each minute was a challenge. The reward for the day was getting this workout done and crossing it off my list. The last two weeks the workouts were fantastic and I recognize we need these mentally challenging ones too, better to have them now than later!

After 3 hours and 45 minutes with some intervals in between I think I was going crazy, as it was approaching 8pm at night I knew it wasn't the safest bet to run outside for the transition run...So I ran two blocks to the nearest health club to run all in one place, I decided to bring the ipod for this one, truly it was about getting this done. Two songs kept me going, especially on the tempo efforts. Thank you Akon (Right Now) and The All America Rejects...not sure why, but today they kept me going-most likely kept the fellow gym rats going too, with laughter.

4 and a half hours down and I barely moved an inch, 2 spots, my living room and the gym treadmill....Now if I could find a way to make free electric power or do something worthwhile while sitting in one place for so long! No bed sores for me, just half the weekends workouts complete.

My treat...mexican food!!!


beth said...

I love your posts & your honesty Teresa. Thank goodness even an elite triathlete has motivation issues at times.

Lisa said...

I agree with Beth--I was thinking the same thing as I was reading your post! Yesterday I had to fight every minute to get through my 35 minute bike ride!! You are an inspiration Teresa!!