Wednesday, July 15, 2009

da' booty

Since some little aches and pains are arriving, and I did what every bike fitter hates and moved my bike seat I decided to get in with a P.T. and have my bike fit re-evaluated.

Besides the fact that we discovered I have different leg lengths, that my calf pain was coming from knee bursitits, I found out that I have barely been using my gluteus maximus. The muscle that by definition is one of the largest and strongest in the body, and I have been letting it just hang out. Just sit on the bike seat and go for a free ride, miles and miles and miles (5,300 miles-not counting all the times the computer wouldn't work). All these aches and pains and it is all because the backside has been sleeping.
So my booty had an awaking today and it was told "no more chillin, you must work to see all these great places this bike takes us". It only has to race on the 12 miles this weekend so it better be listening.
Bike seat moved back up, wedges inserted in all cycling shoes, and lighting my booty on fire and pain be gone. GENIUS!


Lisa said...

booty-licous :)

Anonymous said...


D said...

I just got my position (bike position people... geez!) tweaked too. Of course, I still have yet to test it out teehee.