Monday, July 27, 2009

Seafair Triathlon

Yes, it was over ONE week ago and here is the report. This is a local sprint tri that goes along with many other Seafair festivities, including a torchlight run, the Blue Angels, hydro planes, parade, etc. It is a month of FUN and a little bit of craziness in Seattle.

This race pulled out every triathlete known to man in the Seattle area (and all those big wigs!). It usually does, but this year even some new names (those young peeps are getting faster) showed up to play.

I did the Fat Salmon swim the day prior but too wanted to do this race because the sprints are just plain fun and "everybody" was doing it :) And I needed a good solid all out HARD effort type of workout.

All the elites (men and women) went off together. Which I hate because I get beaten up by men off the start, every year I try my best to avoid this by lining up to my girl friends, but this year I didn't do a good job of that. I got splattered from the start. Swam neck and neck with a guy to my left and a girl (Jacquelyn Foley) to my right (whom I swam with growing up on club and then at the same college)....the ENTIRE time. Of course the girl gave me a little room to move, to breath, to swim, but too my left.. YIKES... no room for anything just my little path to swim. I travel to Boise, I travel to St Croix...I have the top amateur times, but here, in my own Seattle backyard I arise THIRD out of the water, only a few seconds slower from last year, so I can't even blame it on the swim the day prior!

( I stopped swimming way to early. I like running that much... I wanted to do it in the water too)

The bike, was the bike. Got passed by a few men and the world famous Rhae Shaw within 4 miles of riding! I still need to learn bike handling skills because as I braked for the turn around I fish tailed it and nearly took out the 15 year old elite (who happens to be my mom's coaches son-did you get that?). He laughed at me as I ran over the cone after I swerved all over the road. oops! Did I mention he placed 7th overall and YES is only 15 years old!!! Oh, and I attempted to dismount my bike 15 yards to early...oops, KNOW YOUR RACE COURSE. I took for granted that I had been doing this course for over 5 years and turned my brain off :)

Then the run...oh, my most FAVORITE part of triathlon. Mark started one minute behind the elites and I was just waiting for him to run me down. We guessed this would be the first race of many more that he would start beating my times (We can thank his coach for that). And, yep, with 1 mile to go, and the start of the 3 min climb the second place girl (great friend Christina Feliz) and Mark come running by me. Yes, my boyfriend was pushing the pace of the girl to pass me...thanks! In all seriousness, she would have passed anyhow, she is an amazing athlete.(Mark...before he passed me)

So with a 1 min PR from last year, and still dropping 2 places from last year. I ended up 3rd. Mark was second in his division with an 8 min PR over last year and a 3 min win on me.

(third place, same place a I was out of the water, the race could have just ended there :))

Over 15 TNM athletes and a day of gorgeous sunshine. It was a blast and I will continue to do this race, over and over and over.


Rebecca Kelley said...

Hahaha, I ran over a cone too (going up the stupid steep part to get on I-90). Great job--I love bragging about my elite triathlete coach. :D

LaVonne said...

But it was just a training race!

Anonymous said...

Coach...make sure you swim all the way into shore :)

Great race


Charisa said...

Sounds like an awesome race day. Congrast on the PR!

Shawn and Tracy said...

The team kits rock and so do your athletes (like there was ever any doubt ;-)) and you are on fire this tri season! Congrats on all the good and a salmon fish to top it all off! Yummy..... Fish sticks for dinner ;-P
Miss ya,