Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fat Salmon (literally)

Today was the 10th annual Fat Salmon event. It is a point to point event along the shore of Lake Washington. This race consist of a 3.2 or 1.2 mile swim with both wetsuit and non wet suit categories. It sells out each year so this year I jumped at the opportunity to do it.

We lucked out with some amazingly gorgeous weather and fairly smooth water. Not really knowing what to expect because these swim events always pull in "real swimmers". You know the type that still swim 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, not to mention all the dryland training etc. I knew my only way to even come close to placing was to draft...yep, draft.

I started in the front, immediately a pack of 4 were G.O.N.E. Wow! There were a few others by me, but we were spread out across 20-25 yds, so I swam and swam and then noticed some "leaches" on my feet, thinking there were only one or two that kept scrapping at my feet I continued to swim, over the swells, sighting, etc. It started to get somewhat annoying that none of these fine swimmers felt like "sharing the lead". I check my watch at 37 minutes. Knowing the winner (female) was at 1:16 last year I knew I had a bit of swimming left to do. I decided to see who was all on my feet, little did I know I was carrying a minimum of 10 other swimmers. So I continued on, only for a few more minutes, then I STOPPED. Literally stopped. All these little heads popped up and then kept swimming....aghh I caught onto some feet and life was golden until the last mile. This is where you catch onto the 1.2 mile racers (they are sent off when after the first pack goes by, or shortly after). Immediately my drafting buddies split I followed the one that picked up his speed, he got on the milers feet, I could barely hang on, with half a mile to go I had one person swimming side by side with me, a male without a wetsuit (I would have frozen to death in these Lake Washington waters had I gone sans wetsuit). So we swam together until he decided to sprint with me into the finish, he won, I didn't care.

I ended up swimming a 1:12.55 which was the top time for the day. But those swimmer girls were right on my heals with second place at a 1:13.30. Phew that was a long swim! It was fun to practice drafting again and it sure made minutes 45-60ish a little more enjoyable :) Thanks guys!

Oh yeah and the prize. That humongo fish which I have no idea what to do with. Mark is grossed out by the eyes still being in it and he hates fish, me...well, I can't cook! Mark was hoping I got the second place prize of salmon jerky, third place was a can of salmon (yuck!).

The race directors did an amazing job and thanks Blue Seventy and splish for all the speedy gear that helped out today! Along with Inewmed and Discovery Wellness center for keeping me healthy-you guys put up with so much from me! You are all truly the best.

Tomorrow is another fun event, the Seafair sprint triathlon that brings out a ton of local speed demons. Time to eat a hefty dinner and get to bed for the early wake up call.


D said...

Congratulations? I'm pretty sure I would have left the fish with someone there. Or brought it home for my mom. lol

Charisa said...

Holy large fish!!!!!! That is crazy :)