Saturday, July 11, 2009


Week two of 100% all workouts complete (well that is assuming I get in the ride and run tomorrow). I am on a roll. Sort of....everyone states "they lost their legs, someone return them", or "the legs just disappeared", etc. Wondering if someone ever really gives them a new pair, because there is never much talk about how they "got them back". Did a stork deliver them, did they just grow a new pair, because everyone keeps training.

So here is my experiment. I only need ONE leg, just ONE. Maybe now we can see if since no one has recieved two, maybe we are all just asking for too much.

I've had a bad hammy, since last year, no running before either ironman. It is effecting me again. I really don't want any more cortisone. So I am going to go to sleep tonight. But my "bad" leg under my pillow and pray for the new one to arrive tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted! (PS. I don't mind if it comes with bruises and scars etc. Just a working one!)