Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lets see...

I am behind...behind, behind, behind on this post.

There was Boise, then there was Ironman CDA (spectating only), then the 1st annual Rock N Roll Marathon in Seattle (I worked the expo for Gracies Gear, volunteered at aid station #4), transition clinic for the LUNA chix Seattle tri team. Then there was training, bee stings and work and blah, blah, blah.

Boise: check...already posted
Iroman CDA. FUN (to spectate at least). Had two TNM athletes racing. One completed his first ironman EVER and the other PR'd by over an hour. Congrats to Matt Wilson and Justin Bell. Stayed at Beth's sisters place one night and fell in love with Daphne the dog! Then at her mom's another night. The sweetest woman ever! She made us so much food and was so kind to us. Fresh fruit in the morning always makes me happy.

(justin bell running down finish shoot)

(matt wilson at special needs drop off)

RNR expo. 25,000 race entrants. And I got the honor of working for Lauren (owner) of Gracies Gear. Super fun product (did I mention I left my photo downloader thing in CDA, so will have no photos until I can find time to go get another.). You can check out her link in the sponsors page. Super bad timing for the RNR expo because there was a Mariner game where parking quadruples for the day, not that the normal $10 rate is cheap, but seriously.
RNR race day: 4:30am on sight at water station #4. What an organized event (minus the hour late the water trucks were). And so much fun to be out supporting so many runners. Plus I got to see all 20+ TNM athletes running! I have never been on the other side of it (well working a water station that is). I leaned over to pick up some cups and a runner threw their cup at my head. Water everywhere! Thanks, I hope I have never done that to a volunteer, but if I have I can say "lesson learned".(lisa and bri post RNR half)

(our water station volunteers)
Luna Chix: Transition Clinic 101. My favorite clinic to teach (shoot, just remember I owe them a hand out-that's up next). Gorgeous day and a great group of new triathletes came out to learn everythign and I mean EVERYTHING they could want to know about transitions. And all their donations go to the Breast Cancer Fund so it is an added bonus to volunteer time to help out such a great cause.
Training: It's been slim. Tough to balance it in. But this week I can report 100% all workouts complete. Actually that would be 110% because I went on a ride that was slated to be 80 miles and ended up to be 92. I sure felt it today, and for days I have been dealing with this horrendous bee sting that is harder than a rock on my leg. I have been doing the baking soda remedy and Mark laughs and me every time because I mix a huge batch of it and he says I only need a dime size, I don't agree, not when the poison is spreading to the size of a pancake at IHOP. Also, a huge bonk on the Lake Stevens 70.3 course. Guess its gotta happen sometime :(
The weather has been gorgeous here in Seattle, and no complaints, but it makes this home so hot we have relocated our bed to the living room floor (it is coolest there at night). Reminds me of building a fort or wanting to sleep in a tent in the back yard when growing up. This happens about 5 nights a year and it has begun.

Up this week: Headed to Canada (got the extended drivers license now) to train the Ironman course. Not for me, for Mark and fellow TNM athletes. Looking forward to training time!


Charisa said...

Have fun in Canada - you are busy busy girl!! Makes life fun doesn't it? :)

beth said...

You are going to have such a great time up in Canada! I do the same thing with the baking soda mixture, I plaster it on like a leg cast. I still can't believe how much you do and still find time to train. You have inspired and support so many people doing their first Ironmans & 70.3s this year. Great Job!

Anonymous said... have failed to mention you have gone through 3 containers of Baking


Rebecca Kelley said...

I got stung by a bee in the inner thigh last summer, and it sucked big time. Hope it heals soon!

Tracy said...

Wow...I knew if you had not posted in a while it was for a good reason. Don't forget to take time for you;-) Have fun in CANADA. Such an amazing area to be in the summer months...I feel relaxed just thinking about it.