Thursday, September 10, 2009

As exciting as the Sex and the City movie.

It came out, I pouted because I wanted it, everyone else was getting one but me. whine enough and this is what you get:

Yeah! The Garmin 310XT was sitting on my counter top at home just waiting for me. We went for a swim....and well, I have a lot of reading and figuring out to do because it said I swam double the distance (or maybe I did swim a mile in 11:05 J/K) . FYI Greenlake is .46 across from buoy to buoy.

Road Runner Sports is the best (well really, my boyfriend is the best). But you can now pick one up there.

Thanks Mark, I will put it to good use (by strapping it onto you and making you swim so I can analyze your every swim move! :)


Courtenay said...

if you put it inside your cap then it is more accurate - no need to come up with a crazy calculation of how far your arm moves per actual unit of body movement!

Rebecca Kelley said...

Damnit, I just bought that other gigantic Garmin and now there's a waterproof one? You guys are trying to bankrupt me!

Charisa said...

Ohhhh fun!