Monday, September 28, 2009

straps, views, deers, cars and such.

Okay, so I reported about the "new garmin" (well, it has died) but I have been using the same heart rate monitor for years. Disgusting as it is, well, it has mold on it. I never look at it, I wash the strap-the fabric part, but as I handed it to Mark post-ride on Sunday he was disgusted. Oops (sorry no photo). I may have to make a trip to my favorite Road Runner Sports for a new one (would have two, but lost the other one a year ago). So back to the old Garmin and some major cleanage of the strap. It is so used it doesn't even read "Garmin" in the front anymore.

So after a few days of doing "nothing" I was finally able to venture out on Saturday. Ran some miles and felt great, simply because I didn't have to turn my head! Rested some more then Sunday headed to Vashon Island, which is a 15 minute ferry boat ride from our home in West Seattle, for a hilly ride. Gorgeous view of Mount Rainier, saw tons of deer. In fact, one galloped in between our bikes (Mark and Connie and I) and we look over to see her family of 5+ other deer. Mark's response of "is it going to charge us" added some humor to the day. However, he was clipping out ready to brawl :)

(Mt. Rainier)

The weather is turning as we were pelleted by the leaves and pine needles falling from the trees. The gloves have emerged from hiding.

The day broke loose with some gorgeous sun so we opted to walk up the road to the car show. Oh yes, the car show, band, dogs, and fun. And some good 'ole spin outs. Don't worry I fired the videographer and am hiring a new one!

(this is Jack when he is not playing DS)

(Jack and I found this little man in one of the cars and "the perfect car alarm")

(and here is the mini car)

(and the mini car at work)

I finally paid my speeding ticket since it was at the 15 day mark, what would I have done without hte online payment option?!

We finished off our Sunday as a normal Sunday at Mexican, but this time with our great friends Connie and Jeff in Vashon. Don't worry Puerto Vallerta, we'll be back!