Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taper Freak-outs have Arrived.

Each taper brings something different, some different type of ache, some pain, something to keep me on the down low and keep my mind off of training. Before St Croix it was this nagging pain around my knee, the VMO muscle to be exact. It was just in a constant "cramp" mode. Mark would laugh it off. "This is all normal, you always have something wrong at this time". I on the other hand...FREAK OUT....what if it doesn't get better, how can I race, blah, blah.

Tuesday marked the official "start of taper" day. All long stuff complete. Focusing has hit an all time high.
Went to swim on Wednesday, had a fantastic workout of a few 100's hard, a few 50's hard. All totally less than 4,000 yds. Came home, took the power nap, awoke did some FB'ing and then out of no where the entire neck ceased. Not like the "just woke up" can't turn my neck to one side pain, this is the can not turn neck in any direction. However, I have learned from experience, I am NOT stressing over this, this is all normal (sorta). I have been lying on my back, without movement for 2 days now. 2 days and three movies that is, or four movies if you count watching Matthew McConaughey's movie twice (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past)!
Okay, so I am getting a bit stir crazy, but with all the hard work done, this is literally forcing me to sit on my bootee'. I welcome any movie recommendations.

Once again Inewmed is hard at work on me, along with Discovery Wellness Chiropractic. I can praise them enough for all they do to keep me healthy, active, and to keep my head on straight (literally). I will be back on Friday (when I can hopefully drive....ugh...I am helpless).


LaVonne said...

YOU ARE FINE AND WILL DO FANTASTIC!!! And we love you even if you can't turn your neck! Just makes Mark pamper you even more!!!

Kim said...

hang in there! rest your body and your neck. you will kick butt!

mmm matthew mcconaghay!

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

Thanks so much for your post on my blog Teresa! And like you said to me, everything is going to work out and you are going to have a phenomenal race in Kona!!!!!!!