Thursday, September 17, 2009

Charity Month

September has turned into a time of charity (just like December) and training, meshed into one. It has been GREAT to do what I love, give back, and train in the upcoming weeks to Kona.

It started this past Saturday with the Swim Across America event. This is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Alliance, specifically this event was for Seattle. I did the 2 mile option in order to practice my drafting, patience, and sighting skills. The water was beautiful, and as you can see not even the slightest wave, by far the flattest water EVER! This made for a most enjoyable swim, I even snuck in a few peeks of the beautiful homes we were swim past in Mercer Island.

I chose this event because it was close to home and benefiting the Cancer Care Alliance. My father passed away of cancer 14 years ago, nearly to this day, due to cancer. My parents supported my in all my swimming events attending EVERY swim meet and nearly every practice. Not to mention the daily support of feeding me! I could not pass up this opportunity to swim and support him at the same time.

Chuck swam in 1 hour flat and he was my top sponsor for the event (thanks so much Chuck)! Liz and Mom thank you too for your generous support!

I was 1st female and second overall in 41:08 (I was planning for a 46, but the water was good to us!)

SAA was so well run, had amazing support and we could not have asked for a more sun-filled happy Seattle day.

Then Sunday came. Hmmm. The MS 150 bike ride (benefiting Multiple Sclerosis) was happening, day 2 of it at least. I had a lot of athletes doing the first day so I decided to "use" their hard earned donations and participate in day 2 which had a 70 mile option. Rode the 70 then tacked on a few extra, and then a few more due to my lack of navigation skills. The ride itself consisted of LONG perfect training roads

with GORGEOUS scenery.

I will definitely be back for this ride as I had no idea how beautiful Skagit Valley was, and it is only an hour from Seattle. Oh, and the Lululemon factory outlet is only 5 miles from here! That's enough to make me ride out here EVERY weekend. Maybe coach can put that into my trainingpeaks, then I have a reason to train and shop:).

(I finally got that waterproof camera so I can get it all sweaty and take photos at all times!)

Today (Thursday) was Erace Poverty charity time. At the Seattle Athletic Club the staff runs on the treadmill for 12 hours straight (in 30 min increments) and members donate to their favorite trainer. One of our trainers, Jeff Bates, started Erace Poverty and he sends monthly newsletters when traveling on his missions.

(This is Rob (ie: the boss), I signed up to run after him (ie: bonus points!)

Let me tell you 30 min is a long time for this girl to run on a stinkin' treadmill...ugh! It was great for me though because I have had a nagging foot issue, had an MRI, took a week off of running, then had the IT band flare due to "not running" so now I am building back up and my calculations have me spot on for Kona :) (positive thinking!).

Thanks to everyone for their support and donations to make these events happen while America fights the war on cancer, MS, and poverty.


Kim said...

WAIT, back up lady. you swam 2 miles in 41 minutes? OUT OF CONTROL! that is so speedy! congratulations! amazing!

and way to go with the charity events - it's an amazing feeling to give back, especially for someone that you love so much :)

Charisa said...

Love the charity stuff. And you are a FISH!!! I would love to swim as fast as you someday :) We're getting close to Kona!!! Can't wait to see you there - we'll have to hook up at Lava Java or somewhere fun. Maybe after the race you can give me swim lessons - haha! :)