Monday, September 07, 2009

Canada Recap

Ironman Canada came and left and here I am super delayed in posting. There was too much training, activities and racing to be had that the computer time was limited.

I got in some GREAT training rides with friends Connie, Hallie, and Nick (well Nick may not like me after the long adventure we took him on :)).

(Connie at Yellow Lake)

Another solid run with Hallie and a few fantastic swims from outside our home. Mark's father canoed alongside me on the last swim. Probably because I swam to the wrong house on the first attempt by myself. A few of us participated in the 5K run race. It was right along Main street and I just happened to have a few athletes eating dinner so they got up out of their seats to do some cheering (thanks Smith family and Travis).

I was very happy to finally meet D! She was putting in the work at the Gatorade station, as we saw her there, morning, noon, and night!

The boys were pretty chill leading up to race day, in fact, they decided to set up their personal photo shoot (you would think it was their wedding day). Below is one of 1000 photos taken. We will have a calander out next year for them!

(Jeff, Thomas, and Mark)

They also had some social "ice bath" time too. Where they were able to discuss race strategies.

(Jeff, Mark, Darin)

While we made posters.

And put on TNMULTISPORT tatoos.

Thomas's family put together a hilarious write up for the boys. Text below photo.

Mark Webb, Jeffrey Cunningham, and Thomas McJilton have all gone through hard training, lots of long days,
and several permanent markers, but their friendship remains their greatest training asset.
Ironman Canada may be known
for various things; long hills, hot
weather, and bald men, but three
Yanks think the multi-sport world is
theirs for the taking. “Since I decided
this is going to be my first, and last,
Ironman event, I’m going all out,” said
Jeffrey Cunningham, the rookie of the
Orthopedic socks seem to be
Seattle native Mark Webb’s secret
weapon. “ I think socks like these say
something about a person,” said
Thomas McJilton, wielding his 19th
black Sharpie maker, has spent many
days color-coordinating his biking
ensemble. “Whether I broke
international child-labor laws by hiring
Maia Cunningham as creative
consultant is for the courts to decide,”
said McJilton.
With race day looming, the three
triathletes prepare themselves by
shaving their heads, legs, and chests
in a vain effort to reduce their finish
times. The coolness factor, however, is
virtually guaranteed.
The families of Webb,
Cunningham, and McJilton wish
them well on race day.

Race day was a 3:30 am wake up call. Mark and the team did absolutely fantastic and as a coach I could not have asked for a much better day for them.

(Mark running)

Mark had a 2 hour PR from his previous ironman experience finishing in a 10:19.

Post race was spent SLEEPING for me.....I was exhausted for two days following. I did get up for the team barbecue and also for a little wine tasting.

Canada was a super great experience all around. Thanks to everyone who made the journey to support the team mates and to hang out at our pad!


Charisa said...

Congrats to Mark - sounds like an awesome weekend!!

D said...

Awesome to meet you and GREAT to see Mark kick IMC's ass. Fantastic week.

Can't wait to watch you kick Kona's ass. We'll have to hook-up for some post-race eating. I'm still hoping for a turkey dinner for Canadian Thanksgiving since I will miss it AGAIN (small price to be in Hawaii though haha)