Wednesday, October 07, 2009

3 more sleeps.

We've been relaxing and we've been busy. We made it out to the Energy Lab to see who could sweat the most. The first two miles felt GREAT, a bit of a breeze, hot but tolerable. Until the turnaround. STALE air. DEAD. No joke, 105 degrees, not an ounce of exaggeration. The boys ran ahead. Finished before me...sweat dried up a bit. I win! My pigtails had sweat dripping from them. Oh, how I heart the energy lab! On race day this is where the inspirational mile is too, where your loved ones can type you a message and an electronic screen displays your message to you and everyone else that can read it. That is if any of the athletes are capable of reading at that point!

(Can you spot the boys, way, way, way far away)

(Mark came back to get me...or he wanted to take advantage of a photo op)

We cooled off, the next morning that is, by an aquarium swim out to the Kona Coffee boat where we were greeted with options of cream, sugar, and the new flavor of Pineapple Gu.

(Kona Coffee that-a-way)

(The BAR)

(underwater legs wanting coffee)

I am super lucky to be able to sport the new TYR Sayanara speedsuit. Thank you to TYR. And can you beleive their new wetsuit line is called "Hurricane". Ha! And we are living right next to them! This is the cool pic on the garage. Maybe one of these days we can deck ours at with the TNM logo :)

(H* and I in the Huggos house)

We stepped way outside of the box this morning by walking across the street for breakfast. Went to Huggos for breakfast. Much quieter than our normal Lava Java. Great view, great food and very relaxing. And more TYR shwag. Dang!

Splish and Betty Designs continue to amaze me with their fast, awesome, flair induced creativity. They busted out this top for Kona. Wore it on a training ride today and loved it! Thanks so much to Dawn, Ira, and Kristin!

And for everyone that loves numbers here is a list of participants from each state. I only know 7 of our home state. SAD :( Hope to meet many more.

Three sleeps to go until the big day. Athlete #1644 is registered and ready to roll...and swim...and bike...and run....and then cheer until midnight!


D said...

I want a TN Splish for my birthday. Make it happen. hahaha :)

endurancegirl said...

good luck, teresa!!

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

WOOHOO WOOHOO WOOHOO!!!! Ill be cheering for you ALL day tomorrow!!! ENJOY your day out there, I already know you'll ROCK it!!!!! GO GET EM'!!!!!!