Monday, October 05, 2009

Settling into "the life"

The Hurricane and I landed on Saturday, a few hours later than expected. But safe. Difficulty to complain about aviation issues on your way to the big island.

(T and Mark waiting for the bags, and bags, and bags.)

We were greeted with this amazing view from our front window. It is EXACTLY across from the final turn buoy on race day. It will be exciting to see the boat from out our window on the big day. The sun is shining down on it in this photo.

We were so thankful that Bree was able to pick up some stuff we had shipped over. And I got the best good luck present ever. The Hawaiian hula. It will ride securely with me this week and through the race. We met her little man Kainoa and 1 piece of licorice became two then three then....(J/K). He was a little sneaky though.

(Bree and T)

Yesterday I was a little nervous. As I knew I had the ride up to Hawi. After the practice ride last year and the race I was ready to take on the wind. I was ready to have a perfect practice day where I would let the wind be my friend. Lets just say I hope race day the wind is that nice to us. We (Hallie, Aaron, Mark and myself) were given the "no wind" day. It was so clear, no white caps, just some nice riding with the wind at our back on the way up and little to no cross wind on the way back down. I never thought it could be that gentle. But, I will not loose focus on "playing" on game day with the wind as my friend. I will be strong.

(Hallie, Mark, T, Aaron at the turn around at Hawi)

Especially because my hula girl will keep me smiling the whole way!

(Happy Hula loves the winds)

Six days and counting! Good day from the islands.


Courtenay said...

oh man thanks for the blog! work is KILLING me and i keep going to my google reader and it's just got stupid inside tri podcasts that i can't listen to.

so, thanks for the dose of vacation reality. much appreciated. have a fun week!

D said...

Awwww man. Looks great.

beth said...

You are going to be so strong on race day. Your attitude is infectious and I love hearing about your preparations.

Kim said...

you look INCREDIBLY happy...and you sound extremely positive... only more great things to come!