Thursday, October 01, 2009


Some weird things are happening lately, explainable, YES, but it should come to an end because I am starting to look pre-Halloween like and it is not quite that day yet.

For starters, that bike ride I went on a couple weekends ago, Cycle the Wave. It is haunting me. After one loop I tore my number off the back of my shirt when I no longer needed long sleeves and shoved it in the bento box (in case I stopped at an aid station and they needed my number). Luckily, the clothes have made it thought the wash and are being worn again. I spend the whole morning at work, walking around, teaching lessons, etc, around 1pm someone a co-worker says "What do you have on your back?" Oh, yeah, I learned in grade school you don't fall for that one! In reality, I had 4 safety pins attached to my back in perfect formation for the next number I need to race with. Seriously! Not the latest fashion trend that I am aware of.

Today. A quick 45 min trot to Alki- that is an out and back run. Put my hair in two little braids (yes, little. I have lost so much hair this year I can barely make a braid) and was off. I was flying (for me flying). I couldn't stop smiling and telling myself how wonderful and amazing tapering is. I LOVE tapering! I noticed my hair flapping around a bit. Nothing too out of the ordinary just a little different. At the turnaround I was think to myself I was going to set a 10K PR. Hold back, don't need to break any records today. Until immediately I was resistance training all the way home smack into the wind. Hair still flapping. Get home walk by the mirror and see that I only have ONE pigtail. I had run all the way past Saltys, by the Fish and Chips joint, by all the condos, by all the sea divers with the hair flappin' in in the wind on one side and nicely tightened on the other.

In other news the cat drugs are working. Somehow my cat (Brenna) has been diagnosed with anxiety. Instead of acting up for six hours a night it is down to a half an hour. Needless to say she is even more knocked out during the day now.

(Brenna cuddling and being too if she would just do that at night)

Called the vet today to ask for a lifetime prescription and she said this was only for the short term?! WHAT???? Humans take these pills all the time! So after our vacation in Hawaii it is back to the drawing board. She is recommending a humidifier. Seriously? For a cat? We have already purchased her a night light. What next, her own personal bedroom and some counseling?

So if you see something off, that is not year'round "off", laugh a little and then tell me and I can laugh a little more!


D said...

Oh something's off all right. What IS going on?!?!

LaVonne said...

The braid thing - now that surprises me. It is definitely not like you to not look perfect. I think your mind must be elsewhere.

Kim said...

aw man, i bet you were probably still super speedy despite only half your hair being pulled back!

jesslover said...

ha ha this reminds me of the day I went to work and after being there for 4 or 5 hours, looked in the mirror to realize I had only flat-ironed one side of my hair.

If I don't talk to you before then, good good luck next weekend.