Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nike Human Race 10K

Saturday was the day the world ran. This event is for EVERYONE and then in select cities Nike puts on organized races. The catch- 1. must own the Nike Plus system and 2. must be computer literate. You download your time and then you are placed amongst the world for your 10K race. I do not fall into either of the above categories....I just wanted to RUN!

Our super great sponsor Road Runner Sports (Greenlake) was hosting one of the organized runs. Mark's alarm went off at 3:45 in the morning to "finish" things up. He ran the 10K with the mile markers, using his handy dandy hammer to dig the signs into the ground. Then he hurried back to RRS where the DJ had the jams rolling by 6:30 am. The cops arrival was a bit of a surprise due to noise disturbances. But that DJ really kept things exciting for packet pickup at 7am.

(T, Chuck, Betsy, Nat, Rebecca)

Everyone got their Nike run tops WITH their numbers printed on them. Lots of photos and we walked over to Green Lake for our 10K (2 loops). The weather is changing fast around here as you can see the fog lifting off the ground and ourselves, having to hold our breaths for photos (NO- not to look thinner, but to make sure it didn't look like we were smoking pre and post race).

Mark hammered the "start/finish" line into the ground and explained the directions one more time. He did one loop (as fast as he could PRing in a time of 17 minutes), because he was the aid station volunteer too and had to make it back in time to fuel up the 170 athletes.

(the organizer, the announcer, the aid station volunteer, MY everything!)

I had a goal in mind for this race. I had done nothing more than a 30 min run since October 10th, in fact, I am not even sure on October 10th I did a 30 min run...but whatever. I wanted to negative split the run. And that I did. One minute faster on the second loop. I was only 1 min off my best 10K time. That doesn't say much however, my best time was done on Mercer Island which has some great hills and rollers and there is nothing flat about it, where Greenlake is as flat as a skating rink.

(kicking up the smoke. Ha!)

Post Race was AMAZING. There was more goodies (food and freebies) than that of the Ironman World Championships. I think nearly everyone that showed up won something and the grand prize was Nike shoes, Ipod Nano, Nike plus watch, plus the Nike plus system (Yes, one single person wins this!) I am not sure I even see that many gifts under a Christmas treee. It just so happened to be one of Marks super good buddies....hmmm...that took home the grand prize. What cracked me up even more was the fact that since he won his significant other decided it was time to shop! Not sure why Mark couldn't have pulled his girlfriends name? J/K.

(Super Cool TN Multisport Athletes)

Road Runner Sports Greenlake and the Nike staff on hand did an absolutely fantastic job and I highly recommend this event to everyone. It was fun, very well organized, and with how much of a great sponsor and store RRS is you can never go wrong with their events.

(the best finish shot!)

Thanks to TN Multisport athletes for coming, supporting and racing (you all did really fact everyone PR'd minus but coach T), to RRS for everything you do, and to Nike for the fun event.


D said...

No pr for you, huh? Better pick up your socks! :P

Rebecca Kelley said...

Haha, no kidding! Jas JUST bought a new pair of shoes the week before, too, so super unfairsies for him to get yet another pair while I was slumming it in blood and mud-caked kicks. I had to upgrade so I could look just as good. ;)

The race was a lot of fun--thanks for making us do it, and tell Mark thanks for organizing it and being his usual studly self.

Charisa said...

Congrats!!! That's awesome. And Mark did EVERYTHING - so cool.