Monday, October 19, 2009

Backyard Run Beauty

(new race hats)

In between rain showers I decided to get up and go on a run. Not because I was dying to run or anything, but because this is the one week of all year where I have no plan, no agenda, just do what I want, when I want. I decided after soaking in all the beauty of Hawaii, I needed to share the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with everyone. And the new TNM race hats arrived so I had to "test 'em out" :) The handy dandy sweat proof camera landed right in my sport top and I thoroughly absorbed every view of the fall. So much that I couldn't help but smile as I ran (that could also be because the garmin was dead, within 5 minutes, but oh well). Here is my run on Alki....a 7 mile stretch if you go all the way to the end where the cars load onto ferry boats to travel to different islands.
(gorgeous long straight path)

(Mini trail off the normal path)
(Most beautiful yellow tree of the day)
Then you hit the scenic water views:

The way home I always stop by the kitty adoption center and take a peek. I want to bring them all home with me!

Today was beautiful. I ran at my Ironman Hawaii 2009 race pace so as you know I had a lot of time to enjoy the leaves on the ground, the smell of the clean air, and to take photos to share with you!


D said...

I walked by the pet store in the mall yesterday and had to shield my eyes. I'm not safe around those places.