Sunday, April 14, 2013

Otherwise known as The Masters......

 If you ask my husband what this weekend was he may respond with the Masters, but really it was my birthday too.  Never fret , Webb ensured all gifts were purchased and meal reservations made before HIS night before Christmas.
On the night before my birthday, or better known as "Friday at Augusta" Webb surprised me with a cute top as an early gift, or a "thank you for letting me OWN the TV all day (and soon to be all weekend) gift".
Powerbar provided my breakfast for riding up and down a hill with teammates, and a fun run on trails around Discovery Park.
Bridget brought amazing homemade treats in famous B-Jones-style and left the team asking for more.
A nice nap and then dinner time with family at the delicious and local La Rustica.
Thanks to everyone for making my day so special, one lucky and thankful girl over here!


JC said...

Happy birthday beautiful lady. Hope it was a most fabulous one. Xoxox