Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kukio Challenge 2013

Kukio Challenge 2013

Still not ready to race a 70.3, my next favorite event in Hawaii is the Kukio Challenge which falls the day after Hawaii 70.3.


Leading up to the race our team doctor, who happened to come support the 70.3 this year, and I were chatting (drinks may or may not have been involved) and he mentioned he loved SUP.  My skills were not-proven in 2011 when I chose to do this event as my first race since my flare up in 2010.

T- " want to do a race?"

Dr Perry- "Sure, when?"


Dr Perry- "I better start carb loading now"

Little did I know  this would be Dr Perry's first race EVER!  He rented his board, we got all signed up. Carb-loaded and all from the festivities the night before we ventured to the Kukio Challenge on Sunday morning.
Race morning caused a few additional jitters as we came face to face with relay teams consisting of Chris Lieto, Luke Bell's wife, Greg Welch, to name a few.  And, as always, the heavy-hitter  water-animals of Hawaii that can kill the swim in their baggy board shorts (if you don't know what I am talking about, swim a 100 fast then throw on a pair of over-sized shorts and do it again.....ouch!).

The swim was 800 yards of clear coral and fish-filled views, and big drafting bubbles.  I came out of the water 3rd and first girl!

 The run is 3 miles of 1.5 miles up and 1.5 miles down, while grabbing a souvenir bracelet at the turn around. My run was faster than 2 years ago.....yee-haw!

Next up was Dr Perry, he owned that board and was all-smiles with his contagious laughter being a highlight of each loop (4 loops total).

This race is the perfect venue that is family-friendly, relaxed, great food, beverages, and awesome awards.  You can do individually or as a relay.  Highly-recommended!


Kiet said...

Aaaaah Kukio, brings back so many fond memories. And yes those locals can swim damn fast in boardies. And I guess they changed the paddle to a looped course instead of sending you out to sea with those winds and whitecaps! I believe I went from being first to dead last that year.