Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 5, 2014 Arrival of Baby Dior!

The race of our life to date just happened on March 5th with Lil' Dior McKenzi Webb entered our world at 2:51 PM.

Our routine visit to the Swedish Perinatal clinic the Friday before the baby was due did not go exactly as planned.  From the ultrasound the doctor noticed that our baby girl was not positioned very well and was frankly, in a position that these high risk doctors had not quite experienced before.  With all her other tests coming out normal they decided to wait until Tuesday for another ultrasound and book a C-section for Wednesday if needed.

Of course, we were nervous all weekend, and my mind was playing tricks...thinking she had moved.  By Tuesday morning the ultra sound confirmed that she was in the same position with her head bent back at a 90 degree angle.  They re-assured us that they believed she was healthy as could be, as far as they could tell.

On Wednesday we checked into Swedish two hours ahead of time, and I experienced body shakes and  nervousness like I had never felt before.  The unknown was lurking inside my head and the excitement of the arrival of our baby was closing in. 

By 2:30 I was in the operating room surrounded by amazing doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, and my husband.  The team that was there for me and the baby was one I could not be more thankful for.  By the time the procedure started Dr Luthy (absolutely amazing!!) had the baby out within three to five minutes.  I knew it would be fast and literally had my own pace clock going on in my mind to get through it.  I remember gripping Marks hand, tears filled in both our eyes and saying..."We have to be at least 2 minutes into this". 

Shortly we heard her cry  and saw a brief glimpse of her, she looked pale, and the NICU doctor was by her side. Mark went over and was there for what seemed like eternity.  Turns out, yes, she was pale, and her breathing was off when she would turn her head. I was lucky to have a friend/anesthesiologist in the room to continue to hold my hand and tell me that things would be alright as the doctors and Mark watched over our baby girl.

This moment was the first time that really the meaning of having a "healthy" baby came to life. I was scared, nervous and afraid.  I was more prepared for that "wonderful-blessed" feeling everyone talks about...that was not the case.

After an eternity the nurse finally brought her over and I was able to give her a quick kiss before she headed up to the NICU for observation. She was gradually doing better and once I spent some time in the recovery room they let me go up to see her, where I was finally able to hold her for the first time.

At 9pm she was finally brought down to our room where she was able to be held by her father and grandparents.  This is one incredibly loved girl!  I am so thankful that my mom and all her grandparents were there and waited all day to make sure she was alright.

We stayed in the hospital until Saturday morning and were treated by exceptional nurses at Swedish. We were encouraged to let her stay in the nursery, that opened at 11pm, where the nurses watch over her for a few hours. Feeling a tad guilty at first I wasn't sure, but it was one of our best decisions for nights 2 and 3.  We were able to get sleep, go check in on her, and get some time to heal physically and mentally, along with prep for our upcoming nights at home.  The things the nurses do for you are unbelievable and all of a sudden this person whom you didn't know one day quickly becomes your new BFF as you relationship jumps to new levels immediately.

The C-section was not was I was prepared for in any way. It was nice to know "when" she was coming out, but the lead up to the surgery, and the final hours of count-down were filled with crazy emotions.  I put on my most brave face, and had Mark hold my hand and took the deepest breathe of all....that is all I could do.

The doctors cut a little longer incision due to her positioning and the recovery is taking a quite some time.  I am awaiting the time I can start going on walks (not-so-patiently)!

The meaning of family and the man you choose as your husband really has come to surface. My mom and I are closer than ever and Mark has shown a whole other level of "love" to myself and his daughter. I can't imagine going through any of this without their love and support. This is most-definitely a team effort.

Once settled I finally felt the  "wonderfully-blessed" feeling many new mothers mention. Dior literally stole our hearts that day and each day we are more an more grateful that she is safe, healthy and growing to be a lil' person in our big world.


Beth said...

This post made me teary eyed, Teresa!! So, so, SOOO happy for you and Mark. Dior is beautiful! And I love her name! Congrats a million times over!!

Nat said...

Ahhh, how I love Dior's "story"! She is so precious and you are all blessed to be each others' family! I can't wait to meet her in person :) Big loves to you all, and thank you for sharing her birth journey!!!