Monday, May 18, 2009

75 degrees- oh I spoke to soon!

Summer time is here and it was hot. HOT in the Seattle sense. The kind of weather that makes you want to ride all day, a day where nothing matters and time flies by as much as it stands still. Saturday the triathlon group had a group run. The biggest turnout for Saturday all year. Then we sneaked over to do our first open water swim in the Seattle area for a year. The goal was to be in the water at 11...some showed up early, others late, some showed up to "watch" and relax. The swim was over in no time, the relaxing and hanging out went on forever. I got in my car to head home and it was almost 1pm. Typically workouts we start on time and get out of there as soon as possible. For a couple of reasons, it is freezing, raining, or dark. All of which make you want to scurry home into your warm bath tub and snuggle on the couch with a warm blanket.

Sunday the day was the same, amazingly gorgeous. A group of us had a bit of a late start for a long ride. But once started it was beautiful, super warm, stopped to buy some sunscreen, and enjoyed every mile, all 60 plus of them and every hill. This kind of weather makes you want to ride for days.

Living in Seattle you really learn to appreciate the seasons and the change of weather. Rain is fun, snow is fun, Fall is fun, and sunny weather brings out the best in all of us.

Let the open water swims begin, the outdoor rides with friends begin and cheers to tank tops and shorts.

Goodbye to booties, skull caps, and mittens-mine are in hiding, are yours?
Tonight happened. Where "I spoke too soon". There was talk of thundershowers, but really, with the great weather we were having never. I packed up my rain jacket and uggs and headed to track...oh and even brought clothes to run when the group got done.

On the way there I got a kick out of the advertisement on the bus. Attempted to take a photo, but really no zoom, so instead you get to see some of the skyline of Seattle. The advertisement says something to the effects of "Meeting women is as easy with a guitar as it is with bike." ( I know I have messed this up somehow, I tried to memorize it, I tried to even a call a friend to have her memorize it...but obviously I was unsuccessful)

The rain hit, the thunder roared, the lightning sparked. My uggs look like I forgot to take them off for a bath and the straight hair is now springy. The tri group did amazing in finishing up their workout, wet and ALL and no complaining! Beth ran a sub-10 min mile (9:33 to be exact). She is doing so great! This photo does nothing to truly show what the weather is we are dealing with.

The cats are hiding under the bed in case the windows break, I am eating Mac and Cheese. And that run...yeah, if it were to happen it would count as a swim and a run. Instead my warm blanket sounded much, much, better. The run can happen tomorrow.


beth said...

Ok - it was totally POURING when that picture was taken...thank you pushing me to do that sub 10 minute mile! I was so excited the whole ride back home.

Lisa said...

Way to go Beth--you rock!! (and of course you do too Teresa!)