Friday, May 01, 2009

This "white boy" can run!

Connie, Jeff, and Mark participated in the Paradise 5k that is part of the 70.3 course. It is a beautiful route along the golf course (of which, I get to do two loops of on Sunday). We arrived 1.5 hours early, assuming we would get lost or something. So we had plenty of time to check out the course, the views and take some photos. As you can see the Zoot shoes took over the island.

From the beginning a pack of 4 young, okay, super young boys took off, by mile 1.5 Mark was up in their "pack" as you can see on this "steep, yet short" climb.

Listening in on the local timers they were chit chatting:

"So and so is in the lead, then so and so and then some white boy."

Later found out they said to Mark..."What are you doing her white boy." It is funny to us because Mark is obviously of color. Little did they know.

Mark ran himself into second place in the brutal heat and humidity. And as in St Croix style the course was a bit longer than expected.

Connie and Jeff ran together and had a great time. Although the heat was a lot in the last half a mile the views were absolutely amazing. Connie placed sixth overall for the women.

Mark's official claim to fame is that he was running with the Kenyans...or the Olympic Developmental Team (First place was 16 years old, Mark second, third place was 15). Believe me, he is wearing that medal with PRIDE!


Anonymous said...

about time he showed up for a race. This is a preview of his bid for Kona. Good thing Teresa is showing how it is done.