Saturday, May 02, 2009


Yesterday was spent driving the course...WOW! It is technical and bumpy but absolutely beautiful....practically all along the ocean and I am looking forward to a super fun ride.
In the evening was a big local event called JUMP UP. Since the day we arrived everyone asked if we were going. We decided to swing by to check out all the excitement. The streets were packed and little mini bars and shops were set up everywhere. Discounts galore on the shops! We took tons of photos (blogger takes awhile here) and some videos to be downloaded later (need to check to make sure they are G-rated)

The music was loud and could be heard on every street corner the excitement for the event is the dancing and the men on stencils. I think every local and every triathlete in town was here.

Check out Bree Wee's blog (to the left of my site) for a great description....because my writing skills are half of hers :)

Below are some photos...I am having a hard time moving them around with captions, this is what you get :)

Tomorrow is race day! Yippee!!!


beth said...

I love the last picture - the mermaid shot :). Is that white chest hair on Mark? heh.

Have a fantastic time racing tomorrow - you deserve a great time!

Shawn and Tracy said...

Great day today! Your swim was kick ass :-) Kona for a 2nd time in a row...Congrats!