Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mom, mother, best friend.


Mothers Day was Sunday, today is Tuesday, Tuesday night to be exact...I just haven't had time to post about my wonderful MOM, well the real reason is that I am the BEST procrastinator EVERY, ask anyone. However, I did get to spend time with her and we some fun. She is racing a local sprint race called the Issaquah triathlon. We went out and rode the course, fought with the stupid voice on the GPS system that had us exit long before we truly needed to, had us turning on roads and streets that we second guessed, but we finally made our way to the park. Then we had her practice in her bike clips/cycling shoes (she has taken them off and on over a gazillion times, due to fear of falling, okay, really falling and deciding that rode rash neither looks nor feels good). So she will be racing in her SPD pedals for the first time here in a few weeks. We topped our ride off with lunch at a pasta restaurant (Cafe Revo) close to my home. Upon getting our food we thought, no way could we eat it all, before you know it we were licking our plates!

(no more running shoes on the bike for this girl!)

10 reasons why my mom is THE BEST EVER(opening day 2009 Mariners)

1. She is super fit and active...more this year than ever. Breaking 2 hours for the first time in her half marathon, completed her first duathlon, and continues to do local races and triathlons.
2. She is super supportive of me, coming to all my races (unless she is racing some place else) and doing "whatever it takes" to assure I am ready.
3. Whenever I am upset her first words are "why don't you just come home and stay the night?" Is that for her or for me?
4. She is the best shopping buddy....EVER!
5. She answers all my phone calls, well, she calls back because she always misses the first call :)
6. She started a running group in her town of Bremerton/Silverdale called "just us girls". Her and a group of girls get running shirts for every race, run together ever weekend and inspire one another.
7. She helps me with anything I need, from my business to paying my cell phone bill (yes, I am 32), to hopping on a ferry boat at all times of the day and night for ANYTHING.
8. She has a fantastic hairstylist...whom now is my great training buddy and friend;) Thanks for matching us up!
9. She is super smart, healthy, and a GREAT lady, mom and friend.
10. She raised me...an only child...isn't that enough to make anyone FANTASTIC :)!

(super mom and I)


jesslover said...

gah! your mom is the best! give her a hug for me next time you see her :)

Charisa said...

Awesome!! She sounds perfect :)

Anonymous said...

Howe sweet...

BreeWee said...

Oh my gosh, she is so cute, I want to hug her! How fantastic!