Saturday, May 16, 2009

Take One....

It's like a movie over here. I have rested, rested and rested some more. Knew I needed to get out and start training a little bit. Attempting to workout has long been a challenge. This is where the movie rolls:

Take 1.

Was super tired,had to lie about my naps because it would be embarrassing to admit I took two naps over 2.5 hours each, in one day! Blamed it on traveling, stress and needed recovery. Only to find out I really was sick, 5 days of antiobiotics (on day 3). A UTI infection from the race- dehydration and major exertion. Oh, but it was so much fun!

Take 2.

Go on a run, just planning on a light 30 min, make it 10 before turning around. Both IT bands, super tight. Great that it is equal on both sides, no injury just some more rest. Had the bo' put his elbow in them, yelled a few words at him. BUT- they are feeling much better today. More foam rolling, massage and TLC on those bad boys and they will be golden soon.

Take 3.
Biking! Go to ride and can not clip in, just keep getting bounced right out of the cleats. Go to Triumph Multisport and find, my cleats eroded in St Croix. $240 later. OUCH! I got my ride in.

Take 4.
Tomorrow. Long ride! IT bands are good, infection almost gone, new cleats, rest, GAME ON. It will be the best movie production ever! I love this sport!

Let it Roll.


Shawn and Tracy said...

That would make TV! You have lots of time before you line up in Kona so make sure your rested before the next block of training little miss :-)