Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Vacation time! We woke up early, put on the suits and hopped into the jeep. We decided to explore the island. No agenda, no plans just GO. We stopped at two beaches, ate at America's Cheeseburger Paradise, dodged some heavy rain storms and enjoyed the day. Proof below:

The first day we arrived we met Carol (a local who won the top women Virgin Island award) and she invited us to her home for a triathlete dinner, there were a little over 30 peeps there. We enjoyed meeting a lot of other athletes and making new friends. Thank you Carol for opening your home to us!


BreeWee said...

T!! I am so bummed I didn't get to hang out with you and Mark more! LOOKS like a great vacation! TALK about a celebration, Kona slot and fun with the honey!

LOVE all your posts, just caught up on 3 in a row! NICE race. Hey, let me know when you come to Kona, we will have to hang out then! SOOOO HAPPY for you!