Sunday, December 14, 2008

12K events

This was a weekend of festivities! We had two 12K 's event. One was a race, the 12K's of Kirkland on Sunday , the other a pub run on Saturday. Now we (Mark and I) thought long and hard on this one. We wanted to hang out with our friends whom somehow always have the evites to these events (Rebecca and Jason-whom have thee most hilarious blot posts I have EVER read) and engage in the holiday hoopla, however, we also are on track for 2009 and wanted to have solid race on Sunday. We put our heads together and pre determined we would do 3 of the 12 pubs and then head home. Sounded perfect- being that the event started at 6pm, we would be home by 8, in bed by 9, blah blah! Somehow the pub event became a race. With over 150 people in tow we did not want to wait in line. And as athletes, everything has to be done before everyone else, the goal was to get the drink (for me water) as quickly as possible and be off to the next destination. When you are only spending 15 min at each place before you knew it we were on numbers 5, then 6, then 7, and 8, then food....okay, so we were home at 1030. To add to the fun it was snowing, not just the little Seattle sprinkle, but REALLY snowing. It was beautiful.

(Jason and Mark)

(Rebecca and I)

It was favorable that Saturday night was a race because when we arrived in Kirkland for the real "race" of the weekend, it had been canceled. I have been to races where portions of the event were nixed, but literally canceled. So we figured heck, we came for a run, so we will run. It was icy. The RD made a perfect decision. We nearly wiped out a few times, but we had fun, we joined up with some other friends and got in our 7 mile adventure. It was one of those workouts you will always remember. We were crazy to do such a thing, but we are now stronger because of it! We battled the streets, the wind, the cold chills, the silliness and came out on top. Sometimes just showing up is winning so we officially decided today that we WON! Yes, overall! We did it! We showed up, we conquered, we crossed our own finish line.

(Mark, Natalie and I- #1)


Anonymous said...

what a fake smile I had rolling in the picture with you and Nat...I was NOT HAPPY about being there. I think it might have been the 13 Vodka sevens I had the night before :)

beth said...

I wish I could have gone to the pub crawl with you guys, it looked like you were having fun! Next time, when three kids aren't attached to me :)

Shawn and Tracy said...

What great looking champion's....Ummmm and I thought you & Mark said it never really snows here or get's very cold???

Rebecca Kelley said...

We're happy you two came out to 12 Bars and hung with us most of the night. Kudos for getting up early the next morning and running--Jason and I were not as ambitious. ;)