Saturday, December 06, 2008

Road Runner Sports, Gracies Gear and the Seattle Half Marathon

The holidays sure fly by around here with the Seattle Marathon falling every year the weekend post-thanksgiving.
I got to work all weekend at the expo with Road Runner Sports and Gracies Gear. What an event. Busy, busy, busy. Road Runner sports brings in boxes of shoes from the warehouse in San Diego. So many boxes we could not even unload them all before the start of the two day expo. The shoes sell for $50. It is a steal!!!

This year Road Runner Sports teamed up with Gracies Gear (Tracy's best friend too) to do a highlight on her amazing product that we hope will be carried in the RRS shops throughout the nation in 2009. Her line is unique and smart! We can all relate to shoving things (keys, gu, ipods) down our sport tops while working out, only to later have chaffing, or dead ipods. Gracie designs her clothing to have a pocket right on the center chest, the pockets hold the item in close it won't bounce around, there are typically three pockets within the one, it is a small zipper pouch, there is a small hole for your earphones and then on the shoulder another location to run the ear phones through so they are not bouncing around. It's just AMAZING! Check out these two beauties below...they are waiting for you to call or to offer you up some nuun . Did I mention the great colors too!

After this two day event expo is the 5am wake up call for the Seattle half marathon. We stayed the night at the Westin, 24th floor and could barely get down that morning due to all the racers.

10 minutes after the start runners were still arriving at the start line. The weather was the best it had been in years.

Here are Jeff, Mark, and Connie, pre strip down. I was honored to carry their luggage in my blue seventy back pack.

Post race I was shocked to find barely any of my friends/athletes that were racing...but I got a hold of a few of them.

Betsy, Chuck, Natalie
Congrats to everyone who raced!


Anonymous said...

wish I would have had time to take my jacket off...was wondering what slowed me down :)


beth said...

When is Chuck ever pictured without a woman - and why does he look like he didn't just do the race? It looks like he is going out to lunch or something.

Shawn and Tracy said...

Congrats to you and your athletes. It's obvious they have a great coach because everyone had a great day.
Nice work you are amazing!